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Published: Sunday 25 August, 2013

online sneaker stores uk online sneaker stores uk Answers on Environmentalism

Architecture: What being done to make glassfacade buildings more environmentally friendly?

This question contains the assumption that glassfacade buildings are not environmentally friendly. That is a false assumption.

I would submit that glassfacade buildings are more environmentally friendly than any other design. Unlike conventional designs, in a glassfacade building the occupant has little or no visual barriers between the living space and the environment surrounding it.

This allows the occupant to feel connected to the surrounding environment in a way that cannot be accomplished with conventional designs.

The conventional design creates a physical world of being inside, or separate from, one environment, whereas a glassfacade design allows a visual interaction with the environment. This creates a more acute sense of heightened environmental awareness, thereby making the personal effects of this design very environmentally friendly indeed. and one of the greenest cities in the world.

New York City density and its increasingly vertical habitation, combined with one of the most efficient public transportation networks ever designed, makes the carbon footprint of the average New Yorker among the smallest in the world.

Popula online sneaker stores uk tion density also lowers energy and water use, reduces family size, limits the consumption of all kinds of goods, reduces ownership of wasteful appliances, decreases the generation of solid waste, and forces most residents to live in some of the worlds most inherently energyefficient residential structures: apartment buildings. In these buildings, hundreds of people share the same plumbing, sewer, electricity, gas and utility services; a vast infrastructure that would otherwise cover hundreds of square miles of land.

As a result, New online sneaker stores uk Yorkers have the smallest carbon footprints in the United States: 7.1 metric tons of greenhouse gases per person per year, or less than 30 percent of the national average. Manhattanites generate even less.

Source: Yale environment 360 October 2009LEED Certification: Is LEED certification really a money making scam?

I would not characterize LEED certification as a scam; that a bit harsh. However, LEED certification is in many w online sneaker stores uk ays a marketing plan designed to promote a building as being more environmentally friendly than others, thus attracting more tenants. Today, many tenant companies are environmentally conscious; some even setforth such concepts in their formal corporate mission statements. So buildings that are marketed as green or LEED certified are much more attractive to these tenants and, in that way, the marketing works.

So yes, I would agree that LEED certification is more of a way for building owners to profit from the green movement than as a sincere desire of owners to make their buildings more environmentally friendly.

What would life be like if skyscrapers were never developed?

Skyscrapers allow for stacked occupancy of a single parcel of land, one occupant on top of another. Imagine all the occupants of the buildings in New York City spread out over the surrounding lands, each in single story structures on single parcels of land. They would probably cover much of the eastern US.

So these tall buildings allow for greater density and therfore greater efficiency in the use of land. Skyscrapers themselves are inherently green and environmentally friendly simply by virtue of their ability to house so many people and/or office workers in a single, small parcel of land; all sharing the same infrastructure required for use. online sneaker stores uk