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Published: Monday 16 September, 2013

online outlet stores online outlet stores ´╗┐Environmentalists Slam Keystone Pipeline Report As Malpractice

Outraged environmentalists slammed a new State Department report that found the controversial proposed Keystone XL Pipeline, which would deliver oil from Canada to Texas, would have minimal impact on the climate.

Were mystified as to how the State Department can acknowledge the negative effects of the Earths dirtiest oil on our climate, but at the same time claim that the proposed pipeline will not likely result in significant adverse environmental effects, said Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune. Whether this failure was willful or accidental, this report is nothing short of malpractice.

Since Canada will tap into its oil sands anyway, approval or denial of the proposed project is unlikely to change the rate of development. The project wouldnt change the volume of heavy crude oil refined in the Gulf Coast area. Development of tar sands in the Canadian province of Alberta would create greenhouse gases, but other methods of transporting the oil, such as trucks or barges, also present risks to the environment, the report said.

President Obamas stated commitment to addressing climate change will be put to the test in the eyes of environmentalists when he makes the decision of whether to approve the project in the coming months.

Letting corporations get rich off of environmental devastation will make Obamas climate rhetoric look like the worst kind of greenwashing, said Greenpeace Executive Director Phil Radford said.

As someone who could not care less about Spotted Owls or Snail Darters, I find it interesting tht you right wingers would risk destroying our environment even further because the truth is that every oil company that drills, pipes or otherwise transports has major spills. Every single one. Sooner than later. This oil is destined for China and India. It wont lessen our dependency on Arab oil and it will create 35 permanent full time jobs. Thats it. Im just amazed at how cheaply you right wing thugs will sell out your country. As for oil spills, yeah it happens. Just like planes crash from time to time. And pileups on the freeway happen. Does that keep you secluded in your house, afraid to go where you need to? You could walk I suppose, but even that has its risks. You could be mugged. And dont even get me started on hitchhiking. You could end up like the gimp in pulp fiction. You even risk slipping and falling in the shower every day. I suggest handrails and helmets. Mandated of course, by our all knowing nanny, government.

Its all fun until your own kids call you out for fear mongering them with CO2 death threats. We are SO wrong to be doing this people. We need to back off of the CO2 mistake.

My kids put me up to this; to find one single IPCC warning of crisis that wasnt peppered in maybes and could bes etc.

How is that a crisis after 27 years of research and if maybe is a good enough reason to condemn your own family to the greenhouse gas ovens maybe mom and dad just hate humanity more online outlet stores than they love the planet. My own kids said this to me! I see now that not only was climate change exaggeration a war crime, it was child abuse as well!

How can science say comet hits are imminent and inevitable but NEVER say the same about climate online outlet stores change crisis? They say climate change is real and happening but do not agree it WILL be a crisis, only could be a crisis. And its been 27 years of researching mostly effects not causes. Prove me wrong!

We need to demand that the millions of good and honest people in the global scientific community start marching with the dozens of climate change protesters to show their sincerity and science needs to be crystal clear about climate change online outlet stores being a crisis or not. We dont want this to be real do we? Well do we?

Im sure Bush laughs at our being the fear mongering neocons now. We need preach love for the planet not fear.

obamas own state department has told him there is nothing wrong with approving the Keystone Pipeline. Americans already knew this. obama was hoping to stall, which he did. He didnt expect his own state department to buck his position though. Now hes between a rock and a hard place. He has to find a way to deny the pipeline again on environmental charges even as his own state department says the pipeline is completely safe.

What is there for obama to like about Keystone? It will provide jobs, energy independence, and a boost to the economy. None of those things are things obama wants. I fully expect obama to shoot this project down again. This is what you elected America. This is YOUR fault. You, yes, YOU! You voted for him, and you have forced this ogre on all of us. Government to rule the people. It is used in part to limit Americas productivity in MANY facets of life, but none any greater than KEEPING THE UNITED STATES DEPENDENT ON FOREIGN OIL.

Keeping us dependent on foreign oil does a MULTITUDE of things under the radar of the American citizen. It finances MANY middle eastern agendas as well as help to control many markets domestically.

The US is sitting on more oil reserves than the Middle East. We could tap our own oil, bring our gas price down by at LEAST 2.00$ a gallon, and the environment where we drill would be in better condition when done than it was before drilling. Its been proven. We have the technology to drill cleanly, efficiently and all without harming the environment one iota.

This is all yet just one more facet of the hidden agendas of the socialist leadership liberal Democrats in Washington. Nothing more.

The Middle East has had an ongoing laugh on us. Their wealth is financed through US. The concept of supply and demand doesnt necessarily work when it comes to the price of gas. How many times in the last several years their was a huge surplus of gas and the cost of gas still climbed? Just recently with the refinery problems in CA, gas went up in markets that the refineries didnt even supply. I understand wanting to take OPEC out of the equation. But I still dont see cheap gas in our future. online outlet stores