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Published: Thursday 08 August, 2013

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Dont Miss:Readers Choice 2013June happeningsmySpy: Texas ComiconDream Home: Beauty exudes old world charm90s Pop StarsComics GamesThe sc motorcycle bag balenciaga enario is all too familiar. The federal government attempts to protect lives by cleansing the environment. Texas cries grievous injury. Jobs lost. The state pitched into inky, gloomy darkness. kneecapped before the next big game. OK, not this last one but only because they havent thought of a way to sell it.

The latest showdown is over the Environmental Protection Agencys socalled crossstate pollution regulation. This would require power plants in 27 s motorcycle bag balenciaga tates to reduce sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions that cross state lines. It goes into effect in January.

Texas is suing. According to a count, there are at least six separate state actions involving the environment, including trying to block an EPA finding that greenhouse gases are air pollutants. The state also protested an EPA finding that Texas flexible permitting process allowed refiners and other industrial plants to evade federal clean air standards.

And, of course, Texas has unswervingly claimed calamity was at hand. Funny thing. With those eliminated flexible permits, for instance, the EPA worked with each of the permit holders and they are on their way to compliance without the predicted catastrophe.

The same will be true of the crossstate pollution rules.

This is getting old. In 2005, Gov. tried to fasttrack coal plants. He claimed looming energy emergency.

Mostly the plants werent built, other sources were developed and doomsday did not ensue. Pushing most of the plants back then, by the way, was TXU, which is now Luminant, also planning to sue to stop the rule.

Similarly, what the current lamentations ignore is that the capacity that detractors say the new rule will cost the state is already substantially slated to be replaced, including from cleaner sources, says the Texas Environmental Defense Fund.

Moreover, this crossstate rule is not new. It is a reiteration of the 2005 Clean Air Interstate Rule, struck down by a court in 2008 but which most knew would be b motorcycle bag balenciaga ack in different form. Texas says it wasnt given enough opportunity to comment on the new rule, a matter of dispute.

Hmm. CPS Energy in San Antonio says it will be ready. It will do this by using ultralowsulfur coal, backing down its two older coal units and making up for the energy with other generation. It says, as an integrated utility both generating and distributing energy it had been planning this for awhile now. But it seems to me others, integrated or not, could have been just as ready.

I understand. Tradeoffs cost money and I expect pushback against new regulations from business. But the state is a regulator allegedly acting in the interest of the common good, determined by more than just business concerns.

And heres what common good is at issue. The EPA says that, by 2014, the new rule nationally will prevent up to 13,000 to 34,000 premature deaths; 19,000 cases of acute bronchitis; 15,000 nonfatal heart attack; 19,000 hospital and ER visits; 1.8 million days of missed work or school; 400,000 cases of aggravated asthma; and 420,000 cases of upper and lower respiratory symptoms. motorcycle bag balenciaga