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michael michael kors shoes

Published: Sunday 18 August, 2013

michael michael kors shoes michael michael kors shoes Fashion at Work

Still, there is such a thing as being too careful. Anyone who buys all of her work clothes at Ann Taylor is most certainly in a fashion rut. And th michael michael kors shoes ough wearing a cotton tank top and rubber flipflops may not get you reprimanded in todays businesscasual culture, you probably wont be looking at the corner office a michael michael kors shoes nytime soon, either.

With this guide to office style, were here to help. We have tips on finding workappropriate pieces, but we decided to skip such obvious spots as Nordstrom and the Gap in favor of less likely retailers, including Up Against the Wall and no joke Bebe. Chic work clothes are everywhere, even at chains better known for hiphop tees and tube dresses.

We also reviewed a gaggle of grooming products designed to save the day, should you discover that you have a fallen hem or scuffed shoes five minutes before a big meeting. Last, we have tips from a personal shopper whose stock in trade is helping working moms look their best. As we discovered, that means a lot more than Lose the sippy cup.

Miniskirts trimmed in flamenco ruffles and hoop earrings you could stick your hand through are not part of my michael michael kors shoes fashion lexicon. But if they are part of yours, this racy retailer will not disappoint. The store is rife with chiffon bustiers, Herve Legerinspired tube dresses and other Vegas showgirl staples. Finally, I know where the cast of Rock of Love 2 shops.

Still, the chain does stock a few styles that dont scream sexay: I particularly like one trench coat $129 whose trim cut and girlish ruffle sleeves wouldnt look out of place on Lela Roses runway. A curvy suit $257 toned down in sweet seersucker is another attractive office option.

Personally, there are few years I want to revisit less than the time I was 21. What is there to romanticize about answering phones for a living and dining out at Happy Taco? But if you, unlike me, want to relive that age, this store is the place. The cavernous space is filled with adorably tiny things befitting youthful bodies: skimpy skirts, teensy Tshirts and the greatest number of slinky jersey dresses Ive ever seen in a single space.

Look past such cutesy pieces, though, and youll find many workworthy staples with rightofftherunway details. I love several Marniinspired tops. The few skirts that are longer than midthigh including the Aline version in our slideshow, $22.80 easily could have legs at the office. The shoes are a miss, but other accessories feel chic and grownup: Chunky bangle bracelets look more like boutique finds, and one orange vinyl satchel $24.80 is posh enough to pass for patent. michael michael kors shoes

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