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Published: Wednesday 04 September, 2013

michael kors zip around wallet michael kors zip around wallet A Libertarian Blog

Im watching The Five on Fox and its maddening. Greg Gutfeld and Dana Perino are echoing what many on the Right are saying about the NSA collection of information on Americans. Theyre condemning Edward Snowden because hes hurting the US with his revelations. How so?

Do Perino and Gutfeld really think that terrorists were calling and using th michael kors zip around wallet e internet willynilly unaware that NSA is snooping? What Snowden has revealed is nothing that terrorists didnt know most Americans also assumed that terrorists were being snooped on. When US intelligence got a piece of information that raised a red flag, then we all expected that NSA and other intelligence agencies were following that information to prevent terrorist plots.

What Snowden revealed is that a huge amount of information is being gathered on innocent Americans from phone companies and internet companies and any company, it appears, which has information on the American people. It doesnt help the terrorists to know that information is being gathered on American people, but it hurts the administration because the American people werent informed.

Gutfeld and Perino cant seem to admit that its not good that we didnt know. Terrorists probably knew more about US intelligence snooping than the American people knew. Thats a big problem, but the other problem is that we cant trust government to collect and keep this information without abusing the information. They might be able to determine patterns, but they can do their snooping on terrorists without keeping my information not that I think theyll use my information against me, b michael kors zip around wallet ut they could. It does no good either to say they have to go through levels of checks and balances to get the information. The IRS has already targeted Americans for political purposes, so I have no doubt the NSA would use this information to target political enemies. Gutfeld and Perino might trust a government without limits, but our forefathers created limits because they knew government cant be trusted when it comes to expansion of power.

Perino says we dont know enough to make judgements about trustis government. I know enough to not trust government its a principle that applies to all governments, and it makes no difference that limits are removed to catch terrorists if limits are removed we lose liberty. We have to find other ways to catch terrorists. michael kors zip around wallet