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Published: Wednesday 18 September, 2013

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Editors Note: Each Wednesday Wendy brings Simple Tips for Green Living to The Christopher Gabriel Program. We also highlight a d michael kors online outlet usa ifferent favorite green site each week. And this number doesn even take into account the waste of paper, plastic, and food that goes into barbequing. Green your grill

Conventional charcoal burns dirty and produces greenhouse gases. If you have a charcoal grill, look for organic or natural lump brands. N michael kors online outlet usa atural gas is the most energyefficient; however, infrared grills are the greenest as they heat quickly, use the least energy, and use less gas than regular gas grills.

2. Avoid toxic materials

Grills made of cast iron or stainless steel are the safest because they remain nontoxic at any temperature. Watch out for models made from chromecoated aluminum, which can become toxic if the aluminum oxidizes. Stay away from lighter fluids, which release VOCs into the air.

3. Stay size appropriate

Be sure your grill fits your needs larger the grill, the longer it takes to heat and the more energy it expends. When stocking up on supplies, be sure to know how much you need. Confirm how many people you are catering for in advance so you avoid wasting food.

4. Set an ecofriendly table

If you can use reusable dishware, cutlery or napkins, choose biodegradable, recycled , or unbleached picnicware. Fill your menu with greener options by choosing USDA certified organic or local grassfed meat. If you a vegetarian, try certified organic soy hot dogs and burgers.

5. Keep it green when you clean

Keep your grill in top condition by scrubbing it down after use with an allnatural grill cleaner. If you serve bottled or canned refreshments, be sure to have recycling bins on hand. Have leftovers? Box them up in glass or stainless steel food storage containers. michael kors online outlet usa