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Published: Wednesday 21 August, 2013

michael kors factory outlet reviews michael kors factory outlet reviews 2012 one of top 10 hottest years on record

experiencing extreme warmth and Arctic Sea ice shrinking to its lowest extent, the UN weather agency said Wednesday.

Rich countries under fire at climate talks

In a statement released at international climate talks in Qatar, the World Meteorological Organization said the rate of the Arctic melt highlights the farreaching changes caused by global warming.

change is taking place before our eyes and will continue to do so as a result of the concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which have risen constantly and again reached new records, WMO SecretaryGeneral Michel Jarraud said.

Delegates from nearly 200 countries are meeting in the Qatari capital of Doha to discuss ways of slowing climate change, including by cutting emissions of greenhouse gases that scientists say are warming the planet, melting ice caps, raising sea levels, and changing rainfall patterns with impacts on floods and droughts.

Discord between rich and poor countries on who should do what has kept the twodecadeold UN talks from delivering on that goal, and global emissions are still going up. and Europe.

Before that, a cold spell had much of the Eurasian continent michael kors factory outlet r michael kors factory outlet reviews eviews in an icy grip between late January and midFebruary, when temperatures in eastern Russia plunged to 50 degrees C 58 F. east coast.

But of all the weather events in 2012, the most ominous to climate scientists was the loss of ice cover on the North Pole. In September, scientists at the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Colorado said Arctic Sea ice measured 1.32 million square miles 3.41 million sq. kilometres which is 18 per cent less than the previous record low, set in 2007. Records go back to 1979 based on satellite tracking.

The scientists said their computer models predict the Arctic could become essentially free of ice in the summer by 2050, but added that current trends show ice melting faster than the computers are predicting. michael kors factory outlet reviews