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Published: Sunday 29 September, 2013

michael kors discount handbags michael kors discount handbags ´╗┐Advantages of diesel vehicles

ALTHOUGH the National Automotive Policy has been revamped to include several new measures to protect the Malaysian auto industry, it is missing the most critical step that can produce the greatest benefit for the people and the nation.

We could save billions of ringgit a year without having to increase oil prices if we follow the trend towards diesel vehicles that is taking place in the world, especially in Europe.

Over on the European continent, more than half of the vehicles currently sold are dieselpowered; and in Belgium and France nearly 80% of all the new vehicles use diesel.

It is in our national interest to implement a policy to increase the number of dieseldriven passenger cars in Malaysia.

However, the NAP policymakers appear to be una michael kors discount handbags ware of this global trend and, consequently, have omitted any mention or policy analysis of this major change taking place in the auto industry.

About two months ago, I hired a car and drove around England. The price of diesel and petrol there was about the same at 1.20 a litre about RM7 but diesel gave me better savings as diesel cars use significantly less fuel than petroldriven cars.

It is universally acknowledged that the diesel engine is the most fuel efficient of all internal combustion engines and consumes 30% to 50% less fuel than petrol engines. You might wonder what other reasons, besides better fuel economy, may have prompted Europeans to use more diesel vehicles. They include:

> Cleaner engines which produce less harmful greenhouse gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide. In some of the developed European countries that are ecoconscious, drivers have to pay emissionsbased charges.

> Better performance as recent advances in diesel technology have significantly improved the performance and efficiency of diesel vehicles; and this translates to far better overtaking and acceleration power.

> Less noise. Superior engine torque at lower engine speeds results in reduced noise levels.

> Cheaper to maintain and greater durability. Diesel engines are noted for their lower average costs of maintenance over a period of time.

The diesel that is derived from petroleum is called petrodiesel. However, there are other types that are not derived from petroleum, such as biodiesel, biomasstoliquid BTL or gastoliquid GTL diesel. They are increasingly being developed and adopted.

There is also diesel fuel with substantially lowered sulphur contents called Ultralow sulphu michael kors discount handbags r diesel ULSD, which has cornered the market in America and Europe since 2007.

In Malaysia, diesel engines unfortunately have a reputation of being fitted in old taxis. But advancements in technology have managed to upgrade the diesel engine so that they no longer emit the soot and the less pleasing smell.

Today, diesel is the go green product for environmentalists who drive that is, if they do not use the bicycle as first choice.

It is true that it costs more to buy a diesel car now. The payoff, however, is that diesel cars generally retain their value better than the petrol versions.

The Government can issue preferential new APs for the import of diesel v michael kors discount handbags ehicles and also reduce import duty for these vehicles. Road tax for diesel cars can be lowered. michael kors discount handbags

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