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expedition parka

Published: Wednesday 25 September, 2013

expedition parka expedition parka Drought may threaten much of globe within

A recently published paper by Aiguo Dai of the National Center for Atmospheric Research NCAR predicts a future of drought in coming decades for much of the United States and other countries. Using 22 computer climate m expedition parka odels and a comprehensive index of drought conditions as wel expedition parka l as analyses of previously published studies, Dr. Dais analysis predicts that most of the Western Hemisphere, along with large parts of Eurasia, Africa, and Australia, may face a threat of extreme drought this century. Higher latitude regions from Alaska to Scandinavia, however, are likely to receive more precipitation.

Dr. Dai cautioned that climate modeling is inherently uncertain and his predictions are also based on projections of emissions of greenhouse gases from human activity.

Aiguo Dai: We are facing the possibility of widespread drought in the coming decades, but this has yet to be fully recognized by both the public and the climate change research community. If the projections in this study come even close to being realized, the consequences for society worldwide will be enormous. NSF expedition parka