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Published: Thursday 01 August, 2013

expedition clothes expedition clothes Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers riffs on energy future

Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers thinks the energy future looks like this: coal, nuclear, solar, wind and batteries.

Rogers laid out his vision of the future to FastCompany, the publication that caters to entrepreneurs.

Rogers noted in this week interview that when Charlottebased Duke completes its merger with Raleighbased Progress Energy, the result will be the biggest electric utility in the nation and one of the country biggest emitters of greenhouse gases.

He also said that by 2050, Duke will have to replace most of its nuclear and coalburning power plants, an expedition clothes d invest in nextgeneration technologies.

Rogers energy lineup do expedition clothes esn look all that much different from today energy mix, minus his emphasis on batteries. But he believes all those technologies will not resemble the incarnations we have today.

For example, Rogers is betting on modular nuclear technology, a reference to smallscale nuclear plants. He also betting on the trapping and recycling of carbon dioxide, a leading greenhouse gas, rather than releasing it into the atmosphere.

Solar and wind power will become affordable, removing a major obstacle to green power, he believes.

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