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Published: Friday 27 September, 2013

designer bags for women designer bags for women Global Cooling

Once upon a time in the 1940s the earth started to cool. Every year until the late 1970s, the average global temperature decreased every so slightly. Interestingly, this happened during several decades in which the industrial revolution was in full swing and greenhouse gases had been pouring into the atmosphere, year after year. And yet the earth kept getting cooler. The opposite of what we have been taught to expect. The whole ordeal had scientists so worried that by the 1970s they were predicting mass death as a result of a world in which crops could only be grown in the tropics. Oddly enough, many scientists even suggested that the world was cooling because of all the greenhouse gases we had been pouring out since the early 1920s!

Then suddenly in the late 1970s, the reverse trend started to take hold. As it has done for more than 1 million years, the earth followed a few decades of cooling by a few of warming. But this time was different. This time politicians got involved. At first, the scientists, making the same mistake as before, assumed that the earth was getting warmer for some reason that it shouldnt. I guess they must have thought that earth should be exactly the same temperature all the time with no change, ever. Nonetheless, again they blamed greenhouse gases, ignoring millenia of hot and cold cycles as well as the effects of the sun.

Since politics was involved this time, global warming quickly became a platform upon which t designer bags for women o get elected. After all, wouldnt you vote for a guy who wanted to save the planet from imminent destruction? This whole thing evolved into the persecution of anyone daring to question the whole theory of global warming, especial designer bags for women ly experts in the field. So pretty soon, even objective scientists had to comply with the global warming hoax whether they bought it or not. If not, they lost their job.

It has been more than adequately shown that the arguments against global warming have been right all along. The data shows that when the activity of sunspots increases, so does the amount of radiation hitting the earth, causing the oceans to release additional carbon dioxide. Yes, believe it or not, the oceans contain more carb designer bags for women on dioxide than we could ever hope to produce in billions of years. Al Gore and his liberal cronies would have you believe that greenhouse gases cause global warming, which is true to the smallest insignificant extent, but the actual numbers tell us that the opposite actually happens. The amount of carbon dioxide increases as a result of the increased temperature. This has been true for thousands and thousands of years, whether the earth was covered in ice or heat.. designer bags for women