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Published: Wednesday 28 August, 2013

designer bags for sale designer bags for sale Global warming behind freak weather events

They also revealed that global warming probably caused freak weather around the world last year.

The burst of designer bags for sale heat in the UK in November and Texass driest summer for 100 years were more likely to have happened because of climate change, the study suggested.

However other freak weather events such as floods in Thailand were unlikely to have been caused by an increase in manmade greenhouse gases, the scientists explained in the Bulletin of the American Metereological Society.

They calculated that the chances of the exceptionally cold December experienced in the UK in 2011 had halved; but it still happened as a result of natural variations in the weather.

The research into climate attribution, which included a contribution from the UK Met Offices Peter Stott, looked at six key weather events shortly after they happened.

While we didnt find that climate change has affected the odds of all the extreme weather e designer designer bags for sale bags for sale vents we looked at, we did see that some events were significantly more likely. Overall, were seeing that human influence is having a marked impact on some types of extreme weather, the Independent quoted Dr Stott, head of climate monitoring and attribution, as saying. designer bags for sale