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Published: Saturday 31 August, 2013

cheap designer handbags cheap designer handbags applied for a job as a receptionist at a normal doctors surgery

Best Answer Chosen by Asker

During the interview, the interviewer will ask you questions related to the resume that you submitted or wil cheap designer ha cheap designer handbags ndbags l hand in just before the session. He will clarify certain portions of it, like what are your office experiences, why you chose his office and if you know how to use the computer and your filing knowledge. He will probably ask you if you are familiar with the work being done in the clinic, how much do you know about common medical terms or procedures. He might ask you to spell certain medical words since accuracy in this kind of work is very important. Admit that you dont know but say you can learn this when you are already on the job.

The most important thing is be yourself and be confident in answering questions. Dont hesitate or make excuses or be sorry that you cant spell certain medical terms. Tell them you are willing and most ready to learn. Be presentable cheap designer handbags . Wear office style clothes. Be punctual. Report to the woman on the phone not later than 5minutes before your interview session. Good luck.

Nobody can say for sure exactly what they ask you because that varies from place to place, and interviewer to interviewer. However, I would definitely expect some common questions and ones focused on patient customer service.

As for the tasks they make you do, that could be as simple as typing up a letter. For instance, a letter to confirm a surgical appointment or procedure. Or it could be typing up doctor notes and instructions.

They may have you do some filing to make sure you won mess up their patient records. They be lots of them! Even a small office has plenty of patients. The last thing they can afford is to have someone who misfiles or looses things.

Maybe they have you play receptionist, answering phones to see how you conduct and handle yourself. That a great way to see you in action!

You got a lot of good answers to your question already but a few things I will add is that they may ask you about private and confidentiality and what you would do regarding this. And how you will deal with different types of patients and emergency appointments. Also they may ask you how you will deal with a patient on the phone if they are demanding to speak to a Doctor or nurse and You might be interviewed by one of the Doctors and they may have some questions as well. You maybe ask to do a bogus report to see how your literacy skills are or a maths and english test. So do take a pen. Good luck and all the best. cheap designer handbags