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Published: Wednesday 14 August, 2013

canada goose shop uk canada goose shop uk Do cosmic rays canada goose shop uk hold sway over climate

THE controversial idea that cosmic rays could be driving global warming by influencing cloud cover will get a boost at a conference next week. But some scientists dismiss the idea and are worried that it will detract canada goose shop uk from efforts to curb rising levels of greenhouse gases.

At issue is whether cosmic rays, the hi canada goose shop uk ghenergy particles spat out by exploding stars elsewhere in the galaxy, can affect the temperature on Earth. The suggestion is that cosmic rays crashing into the atmosphere ionise the molecules they collide with, triggering cloud formation.

If the flux of cosmic rays drops, fewer clouds will form and the planet will warm up. No one yet understands the mechanism, which was first described in the late 1990s. But what makes it controversial is that climate models used to predict the consequences of rising levels of greenhouse gases dont allow for the effect, and may be inaccurate. canada goose shop uk

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