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Published: Wednesday 24 July, 2013

balenciaga work bag balenciaga work bag efforts under way to reduce herd flatulence

Can sheep reality TV be far behind?

This week the Australian government announced funding of $17 million to study how to prevent the nations 120 million farm animals from emitting so much methane.

Australias livestock includes 85 million sheep, 31 million balenciaga work bag beef and dairy cattle and three million goats, according to a story Feb. 27 on the notforprofit Cybercast News Service.

Eighteen areas of research will be undertaken including manure management innovations, and what effects dietary change, genetic manipulation and the control of stomach bacteria may bring in reducing emissions.

Methane is released from chewing, belching and passing wind. Nitrous oxide is released from the animals waste. Both are greenhouse gases, more potent, scientists balenciaga work bag have said, than carbon dioxide C02.. balenciaga work bag