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Published: Monday 12 August, 2013

balenciaga purse balenciaga purse an Audubon Infographic

Its all the rage for magazines to splash green advice across their glossy pages, but most dont even print on recycled paper. Compared to paper produced from virgin sources, the recycled variety uses less water and energy, emits fewer greenhouse gases, and preserves carbondioxideabsorbing trees. Yet, shockingly, less than one percent of the approximately 17,000 magazines published in the United States contain any recycled paper, according to the Better Paper Project, a nonprofit that works with the

magazine industry to promote recycled paper. For magazines alone, 39 million trees are logged a yearthats more than one every second. The single best thing that a magazine can do to reduce its impact on the environment is to use recycled paper, says Frank Locantore, director of the Better Paper Project.

Beginning with this issue, Audubons body stock is changing from 30 percent postconsumer recycled paper to 90 percent postconsumer recycled paper made by Leipa, one of the only companies that offers that level for magazines. This puts Audubon balenciag balenciaga purse a purse in elite company with a handful of other glossy masscirculated publications. The switch slashes our total CO2 emissions from printing by 608 metric tons annually, or 7 percent of National Audubons yearly total. The change saves Audubon $18,000 a year to boot. If more domestic paperma balenciaga purse kers retooled to make the switch, the economies of scale could push the price of the recycled paper even lower. In that case, one day recycled content could be run of the mill. Susan Cosier balenciaga purse