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Published: Saturday 28 September, 2013

balenciaga bag balenciaga bag earth society or flathead society

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has taken the route of many who would rather call names than have a serious debate about climate change. He characterizes those who question settled balenciaga bag science members of the flatearth society. When people resort to namecalling it is a sign they have lost an argument.

The hacked emails from the global warming center of the universe the Climate Research Unit at Britains East Anglia University could be the climatology equivalent of discovering the bones of Jesus. If the veracity of the emails is confirmed and if they contain evidence of data trickery, as some global warming skeptics have suggested, their content could perhaps point to a vast coverup of scientific evidence that some believe will balenciaga bag disprove the doctrine of manmade climate change. So who are the real flatearthers? Are they the ones who wont listen to any evidence except that which supports their cultlike faith, or are they the growing number who say the science is anything but settled and needs more study?

Leonard Weinstein has scientific credentials no reasonable person can deny. Weinstein is a former senior research scientist who worked more than 30 years at the NASA Langley Research Center.

The first AGW theory is: The average Earths temperature will increase at a rate of 0.2 degrees to 0.6 degrees centigrade per decade at least to 2100, and will continue to climb after that if the CO2 continues to be produced by human activity at current predicted rates.

To that, Weinstein responds: It should be noted that the largest part of the last 150 year increase in CO2, which is blamed on human activity, did not occur until after 1940, so the largest temperature rise effects should have occurred in that time. The proponents of AGW have generally used the time period from 1970 to 2000 as the base line for an indicator of the rapid warming. In that base line period, the average temperature rose about 0.50C, which averages to 0.160C per decade. The claim was then made that this would accelerate due to continuing increases in CO2 level. However if we look at the temperature change from 1940 through 2008, the net increase is only 0.30C. This is due to a drop from 1940 to 1970 and a slight drop from 2000 through 2008. Now the average rise for that period is only 0.040C per decade. If the time period from 1850 through 2008 is used as a base, the net increase is just under 0.70C and the average rise is also 0.040C per decade! It is clear that choosing a short selected period of rising temperature gives a misleading result. It is also true that the present trend is down and expected to continue downward for several more years before reversing again. This certainly makes claim one questionable.

Weinstein similarly unravels the other five theories. Read the essay for yourself.

Weinstein concludes: The final question that arises is what prediction has the AGW made that has been demonstrated, and that strongly supports the theory. It appears that there is no real supporting evidence and much balenciaga bag disagreeing evidence for the AGW theory as proposed. That is not to say there is no effect from human activity. Clearly human pollution not greenhouse gases is a problem. There is also almost surely some contribution to the present temperature from the increase in CO2 and CH4, but it seems to be small and not a driver of future climate. Any reasonable scientific analysis must conclude the basic theory wrong! Continued.2

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