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Published: Monday 19 August, 2013

bag for sale bag for sale former adviser to President Reagan

N. American Law CenterNALC PFA forumsCorrupt Judicial SystemVoter FraudLinksTroops News LinksThis article, referred to me by my trusted source, is so righton as to what should, an bag for sale d must be done to set out world right again, that I felt it to be an absolute necessity to post it again.Randy Wise is a former SEAL and jet jockey 1960s he still swims and runs competitively, and sky dives every chance he gets. Jack Wheeler. He was an advisor to President Reagan, including the policy leading to the winning of the cold war. His weekly newsletter is packed with geopolitical news/articles by Dr. This is the bestwritten current assessment that I have ever read!The To The Point 10/14/11 article by Dr. Jack Wheeler:Ive been asked by friends of a particular candidate to provide him with a private briefing on the most critical foreign policy issues America faces. Putin is an ersatz machoman, all hat and no karovi. Russias navy is made of rust. Russias illtrained army of drunkards couldnt conquer Romania. Russian male life expectancy is lower than that of Bangladesh. Russia is a mafia racy with a doomed economy dependent on oil gas exports that fracking in Europe the US will make uncompetitive. No wives, no water, no banks and a hyperdangerous military. Much of China is uninhabited deserts, mountains, and wastelands. Habitable China is about the size of the US east of the Mississippi, with over a billion pe bag for sale ople squeezed into it. Northern China is turning into a waterless dust bowl. Scores of millions of Chinese men will never get married due to the Chicoms idiotic onechild policy and resultant mass female infanticide.100 million bachelors are explosively dangerous. Chinese state banks are insolvent after going on a post2008 loan binge with debt and credit in China now according to the IMF above 200% of GDP. A sharp economic contraction increasi bag for sale ngly likely plus all those angry unmarried men equals war, the historyhonored scapegoat diversion of tyrants. The obvious Chicom choice for war would be Taiwan. But the Formosa Strait is 100 miles wide and China has no amphibious capacity. Taiwan is on the northern rim of the South China Sea, rapidly becoming one of the most jeopardous flash points in the world. China must be publicly informed by the next president that the South China Sea is international waters, period, there will be no discussion or negotiation. What is to be negotiated is the cooperative exploitation of what resources, such as oil, it may contain. No amount of Chicom bullying and saberrattling will do any good. They need to go someplace, a place with lots of water and lots of room for them, a place where the women prefer them to the local men who are drunks and beat up their wives, ideally a place once belonging to China but stolen by a foreign aggressor so to get it back would give them a mission. There is simply no way a dying Russia can hold on to it. Might as well divert the Chicoms toward it and away from Taiwan and the South China Sea. North Korea. The Norks have no nukes. The halfkiloton yield in their tests means they failed to make weaponsgrade plutonium. So they are no threat to us. They are a threat to South Korea with 11,000 artillery tubes aimed at the 17 million people of Greater Seoul. There is no need for American soldiers to be hostages to this. South Korea is a rich country with a powerful military capable of taking care of itself. The worlds largest democracy is prickly, but the only country in Asia capable of standing up to China. The Chicoms are building naval bases in Indias Indian Ocean neighbors such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Burma, which they call their String of Pearls around Indias neck. That could include a joint IndiaUS naval base in Cam Ranh Bay in Vietnam on the South China Sea. The Vietnamese would welcome us. The 21st century players of this game are China and India. Both are makebelieve countries with no legitimate rationale for sovereignty. The key problem in both is Pakistans government within a government spy agency, the ISI InterServices Intelligence. It is radical hateAmerica jihadi Islamist. It created and is in the heroin business with the Taliban. The best solution for Afghanistan would be for it to cease to exist as presently constituted. Actually, the same for Pakistan. The Baluchis of southern Afghanistan and southwest Pakistan want their own Baluchistan they have a marvelous harbor and the biggest gold deposits in the world according to BHP Billiton. Theyd be joined by the Baluchis of southeast Iran and most likely by the Sindhis of adjoining Sind in southern Pakistan with the big city of Karachi. The Tajiks of northern Afghanistan do not want their lives run by Pashtuns. Theyd much rather secede and join Tajikistan which wants our help to stabilize and protect it from Russia. The Pashtuns straddle the AfPak border. They dream of being united in a separate Pushtunistan. AfPak should be Indias problem to solve Pak nukes, after all, are aimed at India, not us. There is no real nation to build in Afghanistan, and our troops have no purpose dying for it. Terrorist threats are the business of the CIA and specops teams, not the Marines or Army. This week we learned that Irans government planned an act of war against us in our own capital. It is hard to overestimate the number of problems in the world that would be solved with this government gone. And thats the solution: regime change. There are at least eight million Kurds, who would fight tooth and nail against their Tehran oppressors if we gave them support. There are three million Ahwaz Arabs who populate Irans oil patch, Khuzestan, across the border from southern Iraq. The worlds main state sponsor of Islamic terrorism would be no more. Iraq would be free to flourish, Syria would be quickly liberated, the threat to the Saudi and Gulf oil fields would be removed, and of course, Irans nuclear program would be destroyed in the process Israeli specops would see to that. Its a long list of positives and few if any negatives. The pre1967 demarcations our current president demands Israel return to were not borders they were ceasefire lines where Israel was able to stop the Arab invasions after declaring its independence in 1948. They will recognize the state of Israel as legitimate and Jewish, or they can move to the Sinai, where Egypt will give them a Palestinian State since the Egyptians love Palestinians so much the dirty secret is that the rest of the Arab world despises Palestinians and calls them rafida, Arabic for the Nword. Then theres Turkey. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan airdohwan is an Islamist megalomaniac fantasizing about recreating the Ottoman Caliphate. He is constantly threatening Israel, pretending his high school navy is a match for Israels NFL navy. Yet he has gutted the Turkish officer corps and filled it with incompetent stooges. In addition to the above re: Israel and Iran, the next president should make a clear and public distinction between Islam the religion and Islamism the political ideology masquerading as a religion. It is with the latter that the future of Islam lies. And for any Moslem in the US who agitates for Sharia law, he is welcome to do so in a country that practices it, not in America. A truly American foreign policy would do so. Europe. Its Old Europe, now known as the Eurozone, serving as an object lesson of the scam of the welfare state versus New Europe, the liberated former colonies of the Soviet Union who learned the hard way the evils of socialism and the virtues of capitalism. A new president would focus attention on the Baltics, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, and Slovenia. And he would politely educate the lands of Old Europe on welfare state socialism as a religion of envy. As Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty significantly helped bring freedom to Soviet Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, the next president could institute a Radio Free Mexico including satellite television and web sites teaching free market and small business economics to Mexicans. Mexico is the land of crony corrupt corporate fascist capitalism. As a result, most Mexicans live in medieval poverty while the richest man in the world is a Mexican Carlos Slim whose wealth was gained with stateprotected monopolies. A true free market economy would enable Mexicans to become prosperous in their own country. And if drone strikes are so good at killing terrorists, they should be equally good at killing leaders of the Mexican drug cartels. America and the World. The next president should be bursting with pride to be an American. The current president has a compulsion to apologize for America, a compulsion to appease those who envy America and her historically unparalleled success. Warmism is the Fascist Lefts replacement for Marxism as a rationale for their seizure of power over our lives. CO2 is a trace greenhouse gas 95% of the worlds atmospheric greenhouse gases is water vapor, and our human production is a trace of that. One tenth of one percent of greenhouse gases are made by man. Once the political shackles on this technology are removed, America will not only be fully energy independent, but a major energy exporter to the world. As America apologizes and retreats from the world, the wolves emerge from the forest, from China to Iran. We do not need our soldiers in Afghanistan. We do not need our soldiers in South Korea. We do not need our soldiers in Europe Russian tanks however many can still run are not going to charge through the Fulda Gap. Once we effect regime change in Iran, we will not need our soldiers in Iraq. We do need a strong, wellequipped and trained military, an army, an air force, and coast guard. But what we need most of all is an immensely strong navy, along with special forces Marines, Rangers, SEALs, Delta, et al. Without that, the worlds wolf packs run wild and unchecked. The American Economy and Foreign Policy. A strong America obviously requires a strong and flourishing economy. Governments and their bureaucracies are the opposite of a forprofit business and cannot be run on business principles. The 2012 GOP nomination campaign will be a test of endurance. It will not and mathematically cannot be won quickly.30 states hold their GOP primaries before April, which are by new RNC rules proportional. A candidate who wins a majority or plurality of votes in these primaries only gets his proportion of the delegates its not winnertakeall. For Americas sake, let that candidate be also the most Constitutionally principled.Does this all make sense to you like it does to me? This article must be sent viral to all politicians, not just in America, but world wide! It is essentially a blueprint to bring peace!How to post live URL in posts at PFA.. Adding URLs in blog posts that are not live is a waste of everyones time. bag for sale