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Published: Wednesday 28 August, 2013

winter clothes for kids winter clothes for kids Edward Snowden flies from Hong Kong to Russia

extradition papers didnt contain the necessary information for the Pacific Rim city to send him back to America for prosecution. Russia confirmed the worlds most famous leaker was li winter clo winter clothes for kids thes for kids sted as a passenger on a flight which landed in the former Soviet Union today. Instead sources close to Snowden said he plans next to fly to Cuba and eventually to Venezuela, which will be his ultimate destination. and it is thought he will be safe from the long arm of American law in any of these countries which have a history of hostility toward Uncle Sam. Assange once remained holed up in an embassy in Ecuador for a year to avoid prosecution for his leaking activities.

Snowden has been talking a lot to the Chinese since hes been hiding out there the past several weeks. had hacking targets in the worlds most populous country. China has the worlds largest cellphone company known as China Mobile. It has 735 million subscribers.

The former National Security Agency contractor is wanted by the US for revealing highly classified surveillance programs.

While Hong Kong is a former British Crown colony, it was turned over to the Communist Chinese government when Britians 99year least expired a few years ago. There was a great deal of controvery when the British turned one of its brightest possessions to the Communists. This is an example of one of the results of that exchange.

If Hong Kong was still in British hands, it is likely Snowden would have already been extradited to the United States. prior to the Communist takeover.

Hong Kong has a modified constitution since the Communist regime took over which allows for Beijing to intervene in diplomatic affairs of the island city.

Snowden first revealed his identity as the leaker of these documents to the British publication the Guardian earlier this month. It is not yet clear how long it has been since he first hooke winter clothes for kids d up with Wikileaks.

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