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Published: Saturday 17 August, 2013

uk clothes shop online uk clothes shop online Edward Snowden NSA leaks are the backlash of too much secrecy

There might be a bit more sympathy for Clapper digestive difficulty if he hadn delivered a kick in the gut to the American public just three months ago.

Sen. Ron Wyden DOre. asked Clapper at a Senate hearing in March, the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans? sir, Clapper testified.

wittingly. There are cases where they could inadvertently, perhaps, collect, but not wittingly. now know that Clapper was not telling the truth. The National Security Agency is quite wittingly collecting phone records of millions of Americans, and much more.

As the administration and some in Congress vent their anger about leaks to The Post and to Britain Guardian newspaper, officials have only themselves to blame. It is precisely their effort to hide such a vast and consequential program from the American public that caused this pressure valve to burst. Instead of allowing a democratic debate about the programs in broad terms that would not have compromised national security, their attempts to keep the public in the dark have created a backlash in which the risks to national security can be controlled.

Edward Snowden, the leaker, did the honorable thing in revealing his identity; it would be more honorable if he would turn himself in and face the consequences for his la uk clothes shop online wbreaking. But there is little honor in the way administration officials and lawmakers have avoided responsibility. Obama administration officials are blaming Snowden, while some lawmakers complain disingenuously that the administration kept them out of the loop.

of us are sort of asking what in the world has gone on, a seemingly bewildered Eric Cantor RVa., the House majority leader, alleged Monday on CBS Morning.

Host Norah O asked whether he had known about the program before the leaks.

Cantor replied, are a variety of of classified programs that exist for us to, again, guard against a terrorist threat. And . whether the Obama administration surveillance went further than the George W. Bush administration Cantor said that are questions we don know the answers to.

do you not know the a uk clothes shop online nswer? O asked.

Good question. Senators even received a written invitation in 2011 to view a classified report. Likewise, Rep.

But apparently few bothered. Worse, l uk clothes shop online awmakers quashed efforts to allow even modest public disclosure of the broad contours of the program. Steven Aftergood, who runs the Federation of American Scientists Project on Government Secrecy, lists the various ways in which the administration, Congress and the courts denied the public any right to know:

The Justice Department and the DNI promised a new effort to declassify opinions issued by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court; Justice official Lisa Monaco, now Obama counterterrorism director, said all significant FISA rulings would be reviewed for declassification. But no new opinions were declassified under the initiative.

In the Senate, amendments to provide modest disclosures and declassifications, offered by Wyden and fellow Democratic Sens. Jeff Merkley Ore. and Mark Udall Colo. during the FISA renewal in December, were all defeated.

The FISA court itself colluded in the secrecy. After senators asked the court to provide declassified summaries of its decisions, the chief FISA judge, Reggie B. Walton, responded with a letter on March 27 citing obstacles to the request.

was a shoddy performance all around, Aftergood said Monday. pervasive secrecy on this topic created an information vacuum. If congressional oversight was not going to fill it in, it turned out leaks would. That not the optimal solution. optimal, but probably inevitable. Officials who denied the public a responsible debate on surveillance will now have a debate on Snowden terms and there no use in bellyaching about it. uk clothes shop online