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Published: Saturday 27 July, 2013

sneakers cheap sneakers cheap Co sneakers cheap uld regularly planned global blackouts counteract or slow climate change

Well, yes. But, only insofar as they actually curtail the production of greenhouse gases. For example, people might just find a way to use the same amount of nongreen energy in a shorter period of time in between blackouts. In that case, it would just be a big inconvenience.

A planned blackout schedule would have the effect of making energy prices rise since there would be fewer nonpeak hours during the day. Businesses that require a certain amount of energy would still try to acquire as much as they needed. Competition for the available energy would be more intense and prices would rise.

Of course those of us who don have an endless budget for energy would just have to sit in the dark. We would have to sweat in the Summer and freeze in the Winter. We would have to do without our electronics. Well, would we really? I think most people would just end up buying gas powered home generators. In that case, things might actually get worse.

So, this doesn sound like a good idea to me.

What we need is better government leadership on the issue. The free market isn working properly because governments aren forcing businesses to deal with the side effects externalities of their decisions. For example, we are paying such low prices for fossil fuels because we aren cleaning up after ourselves. We are just polluting our environment with excess carbon. If governments managed to force businesses to pay a clean up tax equivalent to the cost of removing the carbon they pump into the environmen sneakers cheap t, then the price of fossil fuels would go way up. That would encourage more businesses to invest in green energy.

The reality is that this problem is going to solve itself one day whether we like it or not. Eventually, our use of fossil fuels will come to an end because it just becomes sneakers cheap too expensive to continue to dig what remains of them out of the ground. When that happens either we will have already switched to a cheaper and greener form of energy or we will be fighting massively destructive wars military and economic wars over what fossil fuels remain. Blackouts will be the least of our problems. It will be very, very bad indeed. sneakers cheap