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Published: Monday 23 September, 2013

shopping online canada clothing shopping online canada clothing Edward Snowden and Ecuador

Even as journalists spent much of Monday chasing the whereabouts of Edward Snowden, officials in Ecuador announced they were reviewing the former National Security Agency contractor request for asylum.

Snowden choice of country to call home struck me as rich with irony. If his decision to leak topsecret information about the NSA program was born out of concerns for the state of democracy in the United States, then his decision to seek refuge in Ecuador is odder still.

< shopping online canada clothing br />After all, Ecuador shopping online canada clothing just approved one of the harshest media laws in the region. Critics say the new laws will probably prompt many private broadcasters and websites to shut down for fear of being pr shopping online canada clothing osecuted. Under the sweeping new rules, websites are now liable for reader comments, unless the online outlets create a system for monitoring comments and registering readers. And the new law allows the government to impose sanctions and fines against media outlets that omit facts or fail to provide balanced reports.

As the Committee to Protect Journalists Carlos Lauria told the Miami Herald in a statement: law not only undermines journalists ability to report critically but threatens the right of citizens to be informed about sensitive issue.

Clearly, Ecuadors president, Rafael Correa, is enjoying the opportunity to irritate the United States, just as he did when his government granted WikiLeaks founder Julian Assanges asylum request if only Assange could figure a way out of Britain. They just don have the courage to feed knowledge to the masses that will empower them and help be more aware of the trampling and evaporating civil liberties. It a historic loss that will someday looked back in disbelief. The LA times was too busy licking the boots of NSA and other like agencies or passively limp in order for such agencies to ghost writ through them. shopping online canada clothing