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Published: Saturday 07 September, 2013

sale michael kors wallets sale michael kors wallets A Spirited Climate Conversation

It never easy to talk abou sale michael kors wallets t issues that make us uncomfortable, or that ask us to change the way we used to doing things. That true in our personal lives, and equally true of big social issues that affect ma sale michael kors wallets ny people.

But it essential to start these conversations, especially the issues are as significant and urgent as global climate change.

That why we decided, in our new exhibition, Hot Pink Flamingos, to tackle the topic directly. The connection between climate change and life on land is known. Its impact on the oceans has largely been an untold story until now.

It gratifying to see how engaged our visitors have been with the issue just in the few weeks that the exhibit been open. They especially interested in hearing about what they can do to make a difference.

Of course, our living exhibits are still the big draw. The flamingos, spoonbills and other wading birds have a steady crowd; the coral reef, so lively and colorful, a magnet for visitors. There are always a few kids in the crawlin area to peek underwater at the sea turtles, and people tracking penguins as they swim past the windows.

The pleasant surprise has been how much they responding to other parts of the exhibit, where we get deeper into problems and solutions.

More than 100,000 people have already visited the exhibit. At least 10,000 have written down the ways that their faith and values call them to be better stewards of Earth, and described the ways their communities can and are making changes that reduce carbon pollution and build a stronger economy.

More than 18,000 people have taken a simple pledge Ditch the car, Savor the season, Grab a bag, and then watched themselves living their pledge in an interactive video animation. They sharing whether they feel hopeful or concerned about climate change, and whether they believe we will or won deal with the issue as a global society.

Not everyone is happy about the messages, or the way we tell the story. Some folks question climate science, and whether people are playing a significant role in global climate change. We haven heard objections to our recommendations that folks bike more and drive less, or buy local produce, in season, rather than food shipped in from across the ocean.

California beef and dairy farmers have taken strong exception to the science suggesting cows are a significant source of greenhouse gases, and that reducing red meat and dairy consumption just a bit is one way to address the issue. In particular, they object to the cow with a gas mask we use to dramatize the point.

The exhibits intent isnt to tell people to stop eating beef and dairy in fact, most of us at the Aquarium do, and arent about to sale michael kors wallets give it up but to put it forth as one of any number of ways each of us can take a simple personal action to help with the climate change problem.

At the same time, we highlight the innovative spirit some dairy farms that are converting cow manure into biogas energy. Small actions add up, and the oceans and all of us benefit from less greenhouse gases.

Starting conversations, getting people talking about climate change and ocean wildlife, helping people take responsibility for their part of the solution. That what Hot Pink Flamingos is all about. It won always be an easy path. Because the stakes are high, it one we have to take. sale michael kors wallets