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Published: Monday 19 August, 2013

mk kors mk kors Aaron Wiegel

Ozone: Why cant we just fill in the ozone hole with manmade ozone?

As someone mentioned, the ozone layer is not a static system where the ozon mk kors e just sits around. Ozone is continuously formed and destroyed by light from the sun and chemical reactions. Light from the sun at one set of wavelengths initiates chemical reactions that cause the formation of ozone. Light from the sun at a different set of wavelengt mk kors hs destroys ozone. Additional chemical reactions destroy ozone such as from CFCs, but also other naturally occurring chemical species such as NO. The overall competition between these processes is what creates a layer of higher ozone concentrations in the upper atmosphere.

A bathtub is a pretty good, if incomplete, metaphor for the process. On one hand, the bathtub is constantly being filled from reactions that produce ozone. On the other hand, other reactions drain ozone from the bath tub. Normally, because ozone is being added to the tub faster than it is drained out by chemical reactions, ozone builds up.

As CFCs leaked into the atmosphere, their overall chemical reactions acted as if the bathtub had a bigger drain. As such, ozone tub started to be drained faster without a change in the rate that it was being filled. This lead to a lower level of ozone in the bathtub compared to previously. So, if someone added a bunch of manmade ozone to the ozone layer technical difficulties aside, the amount of ozone would increase only temporarily to be removed by the bigger drain created by CFCs.

There are several problems with . moreLoading.

Wine: What is proper etiquette around handling wine/wine glasses in a restaurant?

Swirling isn an issue of etiquette, as others have noted. Swirling introduces oxygen into the wine, which helps oxidize open up the tannins so that the wine isn so dry when you first drink it. It also helps aerate volatilize the different aromas in the wine so you can smell them. It only really necessary to do this for red wine, particularly dry ones like Cabernet Sauvignon or Petite Sirah. It not necessary at all for white wine or lighter reds like Pinot Noir, but you can do it if you like.

In general you want to hold the wine glass by the stem. But if the wine is too cold, putting your hand on the bowl can help warm it up to the proper temperature.

Ozone: If we are able to reduce the greenhouse gases, will the ozone layer be recreated?

The hole in the ozone layer is caused by chlorine in the atmosphere, not by greenhouse gases. CFCs are the manmade chemicals responsible for increase of ch mk kors lorine in atmosphere and are themselves potent greenhouse gases. So, decreasing emissions of CFCs helps both the ozone layer recover and slightly reduce the increase in higher average temperatures at the Earth surface. Reducing emissions of CO2, the most important greenhouse gas behind climate change, will not have too much impact on the ozone layer. However, N2O, the third most important greenhouse gas, also increases NOx in the ozone layer, which is another chemical that leads to more ozone depletion. Decreasing N2O emissions thus will help slow climate change and ozone depletion. That a lot easier said than done though because N2O is emitted by many different sources. mk kors