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Published: Friday 06 September, 2013

michael kors tote bag michael kors tote bag Edward Snowden is a traitor and other observations

Heres the deal, folks, you dont go to work for agencies such as the NSA without some hint of what they do. It would be like putting in an application at Walmart because you thought they performed dentistry. This secret organization has a publicly known goal, one that Snowden was completely michael kors tote bag content to have.

Edward Snowdens ego propelled his decision to be a leak. There are methods to becoming a whistleblower that do not involve consulting Barton Ge michael kors tote bag llman, who is the patron saint of those who naively believe that the government should not have secrets at all. And if you had a chance to take a gander at Lindsay MillsSnowdens girlfriendblog before she deleted it, the thrill of being viewed as a spy was a form of pillow talk between the two, even though Snowden is nor ever was a spy. Going to China didnt exactly help his case.

The outrage for this form of collection is amusing at best. In 2006, America was also outraged by intelligence gathering, then they got bored and moved on to something else to feed that need to be righteously indignant. Collecting data isnt new. Even the Patriot Act was just a spit shine on old shoes. Before the Patriot Act was the 1981 Executive Order 12333. After this administration vacates the White House, the next one will put another shine on these old shoes, and the public with be angry on cue, and forget it on cue. When the next terrorist act happens, they will hand their privacy on a platter faster than they are already doing on Facebook.

Snowden, you are a traitor. Turn yourself in for a public shellacking by the government, or you can spend the rest of your life playing a fugitive from the agents that w michael kors tote bag ill undoubtedly find you. As for the Americans that claim to be outraged, Ive got money on how fast your positions will turn when the next Al Qaeda has organized. michael kors tote bag