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Published: Friday 13 September, 2013

michael kors shoes outlet michael kors shoes outlet Fart Like a Kangaroo and Save the Climate

Never mind lowemissions vehicles and lowemissions power plants. Lets talk about lowemission michael kors shoes outlet s livestock. Scientists are working on a bizarre solution for an embarrassing environmental problem: farting cows and sheep that emit a stunning volume of greenhouse gases.

Bacteria that live in those animals digestive tracts make methane, a potent greenhouse gas thats been linked to global warning. The livestock sector accounts for 37 percent of humanrelated methane generation, . Kangaroos, however, have different gastrointestinal bacteria they dont make methane. So, those clever scientists michael kors shoes outlet have hit on the idea of transferring climatefriendly bugs from kangaroos into farm animals, which theoretically could put an end to the livestock emissions problem.

Now, Ive heard some wacky things about the good that bacteria can do. Ive even blogged about some of them. But this idea of using bacteria to manipulate cow farts opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. Ive read that the flatulence of 1 in every 3 adults contains methane, and parents sometimes pass the trait to their children. Will families of methanemakers soon be encouraged to swallow little capsules of kangaroo microbes?

Ta: Thanks to Inhabitat and my alert colleague Jim Bock for drawing my attention to an Australian news report on the subject.

Congratulations on your new blog, which I just learned about. I think it is very unlikely that we will ever stop global warming by reducing the rate at which we put greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. A fleet of 100 modified Concorde airplanes could stop global warming for several decades for $10 billion per year.

WTOP Audio

On Feb. 24, 2008, Ben discussed the link between artificial light and cancer on WTOP radio. Listen to the interview at WTOP News. He again talked about light pollution on WTOP on March 22, explo michael kors shoes outlet ring its environmental effects. michael kors shoes outlet

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