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Published: Friday 19 July, 2013

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Most or all Sunocos around here are 100% gas. Also the Sunoco North of I40 in Crossville is noethanol too. I dont know of any more local Sunocos that have not been mentioned. but last time I went there, he did not have the fact that ethanol was in his gas displayed very prominently.lobo wrote:No ethanol doesnt kill mileage. Thats a big oil company lie. Farmers who raise corn sure appreciate you guys choos michael kors outlet online usa ing to buy muslim controlled oil over their USA made ethanol.Saw a news broadcast about a month ago. The environmental group which propogated the use of ethanol now is saying that the use of ethanol is creating more greenhouse ga michael kors outlet online usa ses and cuts the gas mileage of most vehicles. They are now trying to stop the use of ethanol in gas.It is also driving up the cost of corn which affects the cost of many food products we buy every week. Ethanol is never a good thing to put in gas.Well wrote:Dont go to the Citgo on 7th and Willow. I stopped there twice this past week to get gas and noticed the price on the pump per gallon was higher than what the sign said by 6 cents. It was the price that the sign said was for 89 fuel, but they are out of 89 fuel and charging the 89 price on the 87 gas. Im sure Im not the only one who would drive back down the road to save 6 cents a gallon. I go to the murder mart now. michael kors outlet online usa Its cheaper there anyway.They have a different price for cash and credit You used to see that all the time but I havent seen that in quite a while Their sign reflects the cash, credit and diesel prices michael kors outlet online usa