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Published: Monday 23 September, 2013

michael kors dresses on sale michael kors dresses on sale 14 Forest Storage

Forests has the ability to simultaneously reduce greenhouse gas emissions, capture carbon, and lessen the vulnerability of people and ecosystems to climate changeForest Protection can help climate change250 representatives of business, trade u michael kors dresses on sale nions, forestry companies, governments and local and indigenous peoples, laid down guidelines for an international drive to tap forests to help soak up heattrapping carbon dioxide.Carbon is taken from the air and put into the soil, storing in the soil.Deforestation, with trees burned to clear land for farming from the Amazon to the Congo, accounts for 20 percent of world emissions of greenhouse gases blamed for global warming. Trees store carbon dioxide as they grow and release it when they die.Can change climatesCreates moist soil good for farmingcreates three important greenhouse gasesConsCan change climatesForest Storage of CarbonThe agricultural sector is an important source of three major greenhouse gases. It contributes about one third of the total carbon dioxide emissions and is the largest source of methane from livestock and flood rice production and nitrous oxides primarily from application of inorganic nitrogenous fertilizer. In ad michael kors dresses on sale dition, conversion of forest to annual crops or pasture also results in major loss of carbon stocks and its release to the atmosphere. Thus, agriculture can play an important role in climate change mitigation by reducing its own emissions.In addition, agriculture can play an important role as a carbon sink, storing carbon in the soil and plant matter. Until now, the main thrust of efforts to use agriculture to manage greenhouse gases has been to increase aboveground sequestration: trees, plants and crops absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere michael kors dresses on sale through photosynthesis and store it as carbon in biomass. Nevertheless there is also considerable interest in the potential for sequestering carbon belowground in soils, which are the largest carbon reservoir of the terrestrial carbon cycle. calcium carbonate, carbon dioxide dissolved in groundwater.Any intervention that prevents the conversion of a higher to a lower carbonstoring land use, or that encourages conversion from a lower to a higher carbonstoring land use, will contribute to net carbon storage. This means that for example various agroforestry and conservation agriculture land management systems can make a meaningful contribution. Technical carbon sequestration potential varies considerably by land use type and region. Table 2.1 summarizes a set of management practices that farmers can adopt to increase carbon sequestration and to reduce emissions. michael kors dresses on sale