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Published: Thursday 15 August, 2013

michael kors dresses michael kors dresses 10 ways to green 2013

Stumped for a michael kors dresses New Year resolution? Heres a list of ideas which will benefit both you and the planet.

Get outside!

SPEND more time outdoors and learn to enjoy michael kors dresses nature. Spend weekends in nearby parks, jungle trails or waterfalls, instead of the mall or cinema. Or make it a habit to take a walk around your neighbourhood at least once a week.

2 Trim your waste heap

Separating your garbage for recycling should already be a daily routine for everyone, like taking out the trash every evening. But if you still dont, then start this year. You can further shrink your trash pile by composting your kitchen waste trawl the Internet for ways to do this, choosing products that are not overpackaged and avoiding singleuse products such as disposable plates and cups. One easy way to cut down on packaging waste is by shopping at the market or pasar malam with your own food containers and, of course, basket or carrier bag.

3 Buy less crap

A garlic press? An apple corer? An egg slicer? Do you really need all these tools or just a knife? We often clutter our homes with things we dont really need. So dont give in to the shopping bug the next time you see a fancy salad bowl or a unique wall clock. Make do with the things you already have. This resolution will not only save you money and storage space, youll have less junk to throw away later. And by living with less stuff, youre also helping to save the climate as everything that is manufactured consumes energy and materials, hence, leading to emissions of greenhouse gases.

4 Keep your electronics for the year

It might be cool to brandish the latest smartphone or iPad, but the ones which youve just retired will add to the worlds growing heap of electronic waste. Electronics can be recycled but this is not a widespread practice for lack of a collection infrastructure. Furthermore, recycling of ewaste, when haphazardly done, can pollute the air, soil and groundwater with harmful emissions of lead from circuit boards or cathode ray tube glass, mercury from liquid crystal display backlights, dioxin formed during burning of halogenated plastics, cyanide and other acids reagents used in the recycling process, and nitrogen oxides from leaching processes. So resolve not to buy new electronics this year, unless the one you already have breaks down and when it does, ensure that it is recycled properly.

5 Practise Meatless Mondays

Sure, not everyone is ready to become 100% vegetarian but so long as you eat less meat, youd already be shrinking your carbon footprint. Rearing livestock as well as processing and refrigerating meat products use more energy than growing crops, fruits and greens. Plus, livestock release vast quantities of methane. The Food and Agriculture Organisation estimates that the meat industry generates nearly onefifth of the manmade greenhouse gas emissions that are accelerating climate change worldwide. By going vegetarian one day a week, youll reduce your average meat consumption by about 14%. Doing so will not only lower your carbon footprint, but also improve your health and that of the planet.

6 Eliminate phantom power

Many electrical appliances such as televisions, computer monitors, DVD players and cellphone chargers continue to draw power even when theyre on standby mode. This phantom power accounts for about 5% of the homes electricity use. To stop wasting this energy, always turn off the power switch.

7 Become a toxicfree household All kinds of harmful chemicals have found their way into household cleaning and personal care products. Fabric softener, for instance, contains aterpineol causes central nervous system damage, benzyl acetate eye and michael kors dresses respiratory irritant and pentane eye and skin irritant, among other things. Shampoos can contain preservatives which are carcinogenic, while air fresheners mask odours with synthetic fragrances and contain chemicals such as dichlorobenzene, formaldehyde, terpenes and pthalates.

To reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals, familiarise yourself with their names and always read product labels to check for their presence. Or, shop for safer alternatives at your local organic produce store.

8 Go on a fashion diet

Admit it, you have clothes in your closet which youve hardly worn, yet, you continue to buy more, especially when theres a sale. Textile production is one of the most polluting industries, due to the massive quantities of chemicals, water and energy used. And all your unwanted clothes add to the waste heap when discarded. So make it a point to shop in your closet instead of the mall this year. You can also acquire a whole new wardrobe without spending a cent by swapping clothes with family and friends.

9 Keep cool at 26C

Its odd how Malaysians set their airconditioners at ultralow temperatures, then resort to using quilts in bed. Airconditioners are real energyguzzlers, and often form the largest chunk of our electricity bills. Adjust the thermostat so that it is not too cold and youll trim the bill at the same time. Studies show that Malaysians feel most comfortable when the indoor conditions are kept at between 23C to 26C.

10 Shrink your virtual water footprint

The water we use at home every day an average of 100 litres per shower, 20 litres per flush of the toilet represents only 3% of the water we consume. The remaining 97% comes in the form of our virtual water footprint the amount of water used to produce the products we consume every day, including food. A few examples: 16,000 litres of water are required to produce 1kg of beef, and 140 litres to produce one cup of coffee. Calculating your virtual water footprint and making small changes, such as eating a meatfree meal every week or buying less stuff, can help save valuable water resources. michael kors dresses