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Published: Thursday 05 September, 2013

michael kors cheap watches michael kors cheap watches Arctic amplification may have caused our prolonged winter

Huttner: Im inclined to agree with his assessment. Not from a defeatist standpoint that theres nothing we can do on a larger scale, I think there is, but governments are slow to react, as we know, to a lot of things. The reality is climate change is here, its already occurring and theres already a certain amount of warming preloaded into the atmosphere. The greenhouse gases up there have a halflife of decades. Were continuing to put out more greenhouse gases every day, every year. So Im inclined to agree michael kors cheap watches with that political assessment even though we stay more focused on the science here.

He michael kors cheap watches res the science behind it: We have michael kors cheap watches less ice in the Arctic. That means a warmer Arctic Ocean and less of a temperature contrast between the Arctic and the equator. That means a weaker polar vortex, these jet streams that spin around the planet. Theyre driven by temperature contrast. If you reduce the contrast, you slow down the winds, and youre changing the weather system. That means deeper, more wavy jet streams and slower jet streams that become more persistent. We get these deeper, more persistent bouts of Arctic air, more cold, more snow and we get these stalled or blocked weather patterns. Thats why weve seen this for the past several years. Months of drought, followed by months of snowy and cold weather. The weather patterns get stuck when you have a weaker polar vortex.

The duration and intensity of these weather patterns seems to be more persistent and the basic assumptions that the models were based on decades ago may be changing in terms of the speed with which these waves move through the atmosphere. The forecast models keep wanting to push weather systems along. Great example this spring: weve had three or four times when the medium range models say were going to warm up in ten days or two weeks, but then it gets pushed away as these weather patterns get stuck. michael kors cheap watches