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Published: Wednesday 24 July, 2013

longchamp tote uk longchamp tote uk Fun Times With Gentle Ben

On the elliptical machine the other day, caught between ESPN soccer and the chirpy Katie Couric interviewing Julia LouisDreyfus, I opted to watch Ben Bernankes press conference.

OK, hes no Louis CK, but the Fed chairman is a funny man. He talked about limping progress in the US economy and compared Fed attempts to manage the economy with landing a jet on an aircraft carrier.

Smiling Ben seemed to be saying that the Fed would be easing its qualitative easing program, although I was not quite sure since he and the gathered financial reporter hacks who began asking questuins to the good perfesser spoke a rarefied insidebaseball language. The next day I read the WSJ and the NYT, and yep, I had heard right; Ben sent the jet sliding along the aircraft carriers deck.

Paul Krugman, now talking about the prominence of monopoly rents in the economy, didnt approve. A few left wingers, like the Rolling Stones Matt Taibbi, have been for months waving red flags at the Feds securities purchasing program longchamp tote uk . The experiment miay soon be ending; the patient sorry about the mixed metaphor taken off life support.

Ben thinks itll all work out, more or less. With his undertakers smile, he said the Fed can adjust. Didnt Alan Greenspan tell us not to worry? He was not funny though, never smiling, although married to the attractive Andrea M longchamp tote uk itchell.>

This same week, President Obama hinted that Bernanke would be moving on come January. A comely Washington Post lass asked Ben about this, and Ben primly said he would not discuss his personal plans. Perhaps she was asking for a date. Presumably, he would have a drink with her, if economic head winds ease.

If Bernanke longchamp tote uk exits the aircraft carrier, the smart moneys on Janet Yellen to replace him. I hope shes funny.


Sports of the Olden Times Returns Two days after my post about the absence of New York Times sports columnist William C. Rhoden, he appears with a Sports of the Times column. The newspapers showcase sports column is more and more infrequent, and written by retirees such as Dave Anderson, George Vescey and Rhoden. Its the newspaper equivalent of golfs seniors tour, uh, champions tour. While Rhodens appearance is welcome, his column highlights a recurring Sports of the Times characteristic when the column does appear: an obsession with history. Edward Snowden might not be a perfect hero, but Im glad he revealed the government snooping programs. He, like the characters in Hellers book, is an individual pitted against the raw power of the state. The intrusive relentlessly controlling mass society that Heller sketched has steadily increased its power and reduced our liberty. As tragedy and farce wrestle again, Snowden heads toward a brutal resolution. longchamp tote uk

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