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Published: Saturday 28 September, 2013

isabel marant sale uk isabel marant sale uk Cows are gas nuisance

OUR climatechanging emissions which had been coming down are rising again because we have too many cattle belching and cars spewing fumes,

writes Treacy Hogan.

It may sound crude. But as well as the massive number of new cars taking to the road, cattle producing too much methane are being blamed for most of the countrys greenhouse gas emissions. The report revealed that while emissions fell slightly between 20022003, they rose again in 2004, up by 0.45pc.

The main culprits were agriculture which accounts for 29pc of emissions followed by power generation and oil refining 23pc and exhaust fumes from transport at 17.5pc.

Agricultural emissions actually decreased due to a slight reduction in fertiliser use. Nonetheless, the sector is still identified as the main source of greenh isabel marant sale uk ouse gases.

The increased emissions from the residentia isabel marant sale uk l and transport sectors reflect increases in population, housing stock and road traffic, said the report.

The increase in transport emissions is a continuation of a sustained and significant upward trend, it added.

Under the Kyoto Agreement Ireland is permitted an emissions increase of 13pc on the 1990 level by the years 2008 to 2012, but we are already over 23pc higher than 1990, producing 68.7m tonnes of carbon dioxi isabel marant sale uk de in 2004. isabel marant sale uk