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Published: Sunday 28 July, 2013

isabel marant high top trainers isabel marant high top trainers ´╗┐Department of Energy Funding for Algae Biofuel Research

Department of Energy DOE Secretary Steven Chu announced Wednesday the award of $44 million in federal stimulus funds to The National Alliance for Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts NAABB, a consortium including Palmer Labs, LLC, of Durham, NC.

The DOE funds will support enhanced research by Palmer Labs of its patentpending algae technology addressing both energy and nutritional applications. Our goal is highly focused, said Dr isabel marant high top trainers . Miles Palmer, company president. We take the biggest problems currently in energy and food resources and find cheaper and better solutions through innovative combinations of proven technologies. Department of Commerce Secretary J. Keith Crisco. Palmer Labs is a great example of the innovation and creativity that are driving North Carolinas future, especially in the energy/green jobs sector, which isabel marant high top trainers Governor Perdue has emphasized as one of her top priorities for economic development.

North Carolina is fortunate to have Palmer Labs consolidating its business here, said Lanty Smith, Chairman of Tippet Capital. It is precisely the kind of firm which North Carolina needs to attract in todays business climate. They have reached out to take onboard some of the best and brightest local talent and to make an important impact on the development of new technologies in the Research Triangle.

Researchers at Palmer Labs are developing innovative methods for harnessing algae to close the carbon cycle, said Bill Brown, Chairman of Palmer Labs and Duke Law School faculty member. Our unique approach to algae will help provide a solution to the problem of CO2 emissions and, at the same time, provide algae for both food and energy production.

Palmer Labs engineers are also designing and testing systems to burn algae to make renewable electricity. This power system allows us to use algae to turn sunlight the ultimate renewable resource into electricity, said Dr. Palmer. Our system is designed to use biomass, natural gas or coal while capturing virtually all the CO2 emissions at a cost lower than present commercial systems.

We formed Palmer Labs to help address many of the worlds problems, said Prof. Brown. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, policy makers are strugglin isabel marant high top trainers g to devise the solutions to the environmental challenges that engulf us. We believe that technology both delivers and is a powerful, democratizing force.For more information, please call 9196671800. Palmer Labs focuses on technologies and innovations that address the critical challenges of our complex world. Palmer Labs focuses on solutions with positive environmental impacts including reduced fuel consumption, emissions, and greenhouse gases.


National Alliance for Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts NAABB Led by the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center St. Louis, MO, NAABB will develop a systems approach for sustainable commercialization of algal biofuel such as renewable gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel and bioproducts. NAABB will integrate resources from companies, universities, and national laboratories to overcome the critical barriers of cost, resource use and efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions, and commercial viability. It will develop and demonstrate the science and technology necessary to significantly increase production of algal biomass and lipids, efficiently harvest and extract algae and algal products, and establish valuable certified coproducts that scale with renewable fuel production. Coproducts include animal feed, industrial feedstocks, and additional energy generation. Multiple test sites will cover diverse environmental regions to facilitate broad deployment. isabel marant high top trainers