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Published: Friday 19 July, 2013

etoile isabel marant online etoile isabel marant online David Gregory be charged with a crime

Two weeks into the hullabaloo surrounding whistleblower Edward Snowden and Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald, one thing is clear: They did not just reveal potentially serious crimes perpetrated by the government including possible perjury, unlawful spying and unconstitutional surveillance. media coverage of the American government the kind that portray those who challenge power as criminals, and those who worship it as heroes deserving legal immunity. Indeed, after the Press host David Gregory instantly notorious performance yesterday, it is clear Snowden revelations so brazenly exposed these double standards that it will be difficult for the Washington press corps to ever successfully hide them again.

The best way to see these double standards is to ponder 10 simple questions.

1. During that the Press discussion yesterday of Greenwald publishing stories about Snowden disclosures, Gregory asked etoile isabel marant online Greenwald, shouldn you, Mr. Greenwald, be charged with a crime? Beyond the odiousness of a supposed journalist like Gregory seeming to endorse criminal charges against journalists for the alleged crime of committing journalism, there an even more poignant question suggested by Mother Jones David Corn: Why hasn David Gregory asked reporters at the Washington Post, the Associated Press and Bloomberg News the same question, considering their publication of similar leaks? Is it because Greenwald is seen as representing a form of journalism too adversarial toward the government, while those establishment outlets are still held in Good Standing by Washington?

2. Trevor Timm of the Freedom of the Press F etoile isabel marant online oundation asks a question that probably won be asked of Gregory: Should Gregory himself be prosecuted? After all, as Trimm notes, interviewing Greenwald, he repeated what government officials told him about classified FISA opinions. So will anyone of Gregory stature in Washington go on national television and ask if Gregory should now be charged with a crime?

3. Later during the the Press discussion of Greenwald reporting, NBC Chuck Todd demanded to know, much was Greenwald involved in the plot? What was his role did he have a role beyond simply being a receiver of this information? And is he going etoile isabel marant online to have to answer those questions? Why did Todd not ask that same question of reporters at the Washington Post, the Associated Press and Bloomberg News? Again, is it because Greenwald is seen as representing a form of journalism too adversarial toward the government, while those establishment outlets are still held in Good Standing by Washington?

4. A year ago, the draft inspector general report documented thenCIA Director Leon Panetta possibly illegal release of top secret information to filmmaker Mark Boal for his Obamaworshiping film, Dark Thirty. Why haven Gregory or the Washington press asked whether the Becker, Shane and Boal be charged with a crime for doing what Greenwald did by publishing that secret information?

5. In light of the Obama administration decision to prosecute Snowden and other whistleblowers for leaking, why haven Gregory or other reporters asked the Obama administration whether similar prosecutions will soon be forthcoming against the leakers who were the sources of the New York Times list story and Dark Thirty After an appearance on ABC Week, former Obama aide and corporate raider Steve Rattner took to Twitter and accused Snowden of being criminal, not a whistleblower. Such outraged accusations of criminality are more than a bit rich coming from a guy fined by the SEC and banned from the securities industry for paytoplay crimes. But on top of that, there this question: Why didn Rattner accuse aforementioned Obama officials who similarly leaked classified info of being criminals, too?

7. The Obama administration Department of Justice prosecuted major league pitcher Roger Clemens of perjury before Congress. It was precisely the same kind of perjury that Snowden disclosures showed that National Intelligence head James Clapper and NSA chief Keith Alexander engaged in during their sworn testimony before Congress. Why haven Washington reporters bothered to ask the administration if it will prosecute Clapper and Alexander on the same charges that the administration aimed at Clemens?

8. On top of exposing Clapper and Alexander possible perjury, we also know that according to the New York Times, the NSA private email messages and phone calls of Americans in recent months on a scale that went beyond the broad legal limits established by Congress. Additionally, we now know that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has ruled that at least some of the NSA surveillance programs are illegal. In light of that, why do many media outlets still somehow portray the NSA surveillance programs as perfectly legal?

9. Snowden decision to flee the United States has often been depicted as an act of treason unto itself. The idea is that whereas Daniel Ellsberg was a hero for blowing the whistle and remaining in the United States, Snowden is a coward for blowing the whistle and fleeing. Left largely unmentioned is the big change between the time of Ellsberg disclosures and today: This White House is waging an unprecedented campaign to criminalize whistleblowing; it sometimes tortures whistleblowers; and it claims the right to extrajudicially assassinate American citizens who criticize the government but haven even been formally charged for a single crime. government policy?

10. And finally, perhaps the most damning question of all: Why are so many media outlets far more interested in the minute details of Edward Snowden life and location than in the potential crimes against millions of Americans that he exposed?

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