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Published: Tuesday 20 August, 2013

designer clothes shop designer clothes shop Ecuador tells US to send its position on Edward Snowden in writing

Washington: Ecuador said on Wednesday the United States must submit its position regarding Edward Snowden to the Ecuadorean government in writing as it considers the former US spy agency contractors request for asylum.

Ecuador, in a statement from its embassy in Washington, said it would review the request responsibly.

The legal basis for each individual case must designer clothes shop be rigorously established, in accordance with our national Constitution and the applicable national and international legal framework. This legal process takes human rights obligations into consideration as well, the statement said.

This current situation is not being provoked by Ecuador, the embassy said.

Snowden, 30, a former employee of the US contractor Booz Allen Hamilton, appears to be still in hiding at a Moscow airport awaiting a ruling on his asylum request from the tiny South American nations leftist government.

He fled to the Russian capital from Hong Kong on Sunday, evading a US request that he be extradited to face charges t designer clothes shop hat he stole and leaked details of secret US government surveillance programs.

Ecuad designer clothes shop orean President Rafael Correa has not flinched in the past from taking on western powers.

His government is already embroiled in a dispute with Britain and the United States over its sheltering of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange at its embassy in London.

In its statement on Wednesday, the embassy said it strongly rejects statements made by US government officials that it said contained detrimental, untrue and unproductive claims about Ecuador. It did not elaborate on those statements.

Ecuador, the statement said, has signed human rights agreements and is committed to the rule of law and the fundamental principles of international law. designer clothes shop