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Published: Thursday 12 September, 2013

cheap michael kors wallets cheap michael kors wallets A Postcard to Mother Nature

I am sending this postcard t cheap michael kors wallets o you from Earth. I have a bit of bad news to tell you. We have been experiencing erratic weather patterns this year. In fact, the weather man has reported unusual warm weather last Christmas and apparently, the snow man was a bit reluctant to show himself. We are having rain and drought at odd time of the year and the duration and severity is getting more pronounced. Come to think of it, we are having more natural calamities like floods, hurricane and Tsunami since the turn of this century and the frequency is alarming. To tell an inconvenient truth, we are desperate for a solution!

Brother Al Gore is going around telling everybody who care to listen that we are running short of time. Unless we pay attention to his plea and take proactive measure to heal the earth, we will pay the price of apathy and suffered the consequences of natures attrition. I am so sorry mother. We have been too busy exploiting the earths resources and not doing enough to regenerate, replenish and recycle the waste we have accrued to the extend that it depletes the environment. What should we do mothe cheap michael kors wallets r?

UN scientist delivered yesterday their starkest yet about the global warming, saying that fossil pollution would raise temperature this century, worsen floods, droughts and hurricanes, melt polar sea ice and damage the climate system for a thousand years to come. It further declared that the temperature rise over the past 50 years had very likely been caused by human activity cheap michael kors wallets . The signs of this happening can be seen from the drought in Australia to record high winter temperatures in Europe.

Mother, ever since the Kyoto Protocol which set a limit on emission of greenhouse gases until 2012 was abandoned by Uncle Sam, the top source of greenhouse gases, emissions by many backers of Kyoto are far over the target. An official report by Intergovernmental Panel on Climatic Change predicts that temperatures would rise by between 1.8 degrees and 4.0 degrees in the 21st century and the 10 hottest years since records began in the 1850s have been since 1994.

I am so sorry mother. We are now living on borrowed times and the longer we wait to make nothing less than a revolutionizing change, we will live to see hells fury on earth and possible melting of the Arctic sea ice by 2100 cheap michael kors wallets