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Published: Sunday 29 September, 2013

cheap michael kors purses cheap michael kors purses Energy Crunch Looming

Today I read a report which outlined that by the year 2030 the world will start to experience food, water and energy shortages. Seeing that I plan to be around for the year 2030 , I took this report very seriously. I used to watch shows such as doomsday preppers with skepticism but after seeing this report I am starting to think that these people may be onto something here. The food and water looming crises i have always been aware of as each year I am constantly a bombarded with people dying of starvation and hunger and production of food becomes more and more challenging. I want to focus more on the energy crisis as most people are just beginning to hear of it or are just starting to contemplate the seriousness of this happening. cheap michael kors purses Today the world runs on predominantly fossil fuels and relatively small quantities in alternative energy sources. Fossil fuels have a life expectancy of about 50 or so years at current consumption levels but we will start to feel this as early as 2030. The possibility of the looming energy crunch affecting people economically and in terms of personal security is tremendous.

What can we do to protect ourselves?

Alternative energies can be the answer to the problems on the horizon. Alternative energies consist of sources such as solar power, wind energy, hydro electric power and geothermal power. They are clean and potentially unlimited unlike fossil fuel sources such as oil and coal. I was particularly interested in solar power for home use being from the Caribbean and facing rising electricity costs. The beauty of alternative energies is that no matter where you are located on the planet; you will have access to one form or another of alternative energy. These technologies have the potential to be a game changer in todays energy dri cheap michael kors purses ven world. For the private citizen such as myself to be able to develop and sustain his own self sufficient energy system is an extremely powerful tool going forward in the forth coming fossil fueless world. Wind and solar power are the easiest to setup for personal consumption in the form of solar panels for homes and small wind generators that can also be installed in homes. Hydro electric and geo thermal require more large scale operations to harness effectively and can be be used for more large scaling such as powering entire communities etc.

It will take some adjustment for much of our current technologies to be efficiently run on alternative energies. Currently our fast paced lifestyles demand that we get places quicker, get tasks done quicker and as such fossil fuels facilitate this here and now paced lifestyle, but at what cost? Burning all this oil and coal releases much potentia cheap michael kors purses lly harmful greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide into the environment and fossil fuels wont be around forever. The sooner we start investing and incorporating alternative energies into our current daily lives the smoother it will be into the transition into the fossil fueless world of the future. Sure we may not get there as fast or get things done as quickly but is that really so bad? A world of less stress and a cleaner environment are not bad trade offs if you ask me. I have already started investigating solar power for home use. Start your own investigation into how alternative energies can benefit you in the very near fossil fueless future!. cheap michael kors purses