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Published: Sunday 01 September, 2013

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In the spirit of earth day, I wanted to talk a little about the fitness industry and the steps they are taking to become more earth friendly. There is little doubt the fitness equipment industry has many ways to go green. The manufacturing process can use a lot of energy, cause excess waste and burn fuel in its transportation. Even when the equipment reaches its destination from manufacturer to dealer, there are still ways to improve. A few companies are working toward going green and it safe to say there is one leader in our industry for not only what they provide, but what they are trying not to as well.

Cybex International is one of the largest and most successful fitness equipment manufacturers in the industry today. The revolutionary ARC trainer has changed cardio for ever, but that another article. Cybex is striving cheap bags for sale cheap bags for sale to be more ecofriendly and showing they can lead the way. They have taken steps such as building a state of the art 3.5 million dollar electrostatic painting system that uses energy efficient motors and keeps paint proportionally distributed for less waste. They have installed a water recycling system that reuses water over and over during this process to reduce waste water. This process helps lower mercury pollution and greenhouse gases.

Along with these advancements, Cybex has utilized advanced building design and heavy insulation to lower overall costs by 25%. Part of this building design is an abundance of windows to help utilize more natural light. When artificial light is needed, they have installed state of the art HID Holophane lighting to reduce both overall cost and energy. This saves the company, its customers and the environment in the process. Cybex has also seeded its acreage surrounding their new facility to create an environment to support both foliage and wildlife.

Cybex has always been a company with the goal to help improve the lives of its customers and works around the clock to create a healthier tomorrow. Not only do they care about the end product, they also care about how its bei cheap bags for sale ng produced. Cybex has lead the way so far, its up to the rest of us to follow that lead and continue to be more earth friendly. cheap bags for sale