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Published: Tuesday 17 September, 2013

canda goose uk canda goose uk Do they do more good or more harm

Green Gone Wrong 2.0

Environmental activists and their nonprofit ecogroups the ecologista have become a menace to global economic prosperity and growth an axis of antagonism. Their chronic obstructions have reached a tipping point in the hysterics of global climate change. Environmentalists punish prosperity by exploiting government regulations, unsettled science, gullible media and your green guilt. Some econonprofits including animal rights groups are lawyers that write and lobby costly ecolaws, award grants to greenbiased researchers, and sue government and industry for excessive regulations and monetary judgments with citizen standing. Environmentalists identify themselves as progressives, representing new ideas and advanced political and social policies. Environmentalists must now take responsibility for global shortages in the human essentials of food and energy that inflate the worldwide cost of living, and reveal the punitive policies of environmentalism as regressive and even oppressive, not progressive. Environmentalists begin with seemingly good intentions, but are never held accountable for their bad, unintended impacts under critical criteria of economics, national security and scientific rigor.

Environmentali sts have stopped new nuclear power plants reliable electric power with no greenhouse gases. Environmentalists have stopped safe, new domestic oil and natural gas exploration and production on our public lands, offshore and in the Alaskan tundra US petroleum reserves are potentially the third largest in the world. Environmentalists have stopped new petroleum refineries in the US refined fuels production capacities are little changed in 30 years. Environmentalists have stopped public forest land management and roads that would allow containment of destructive and polluting wildfires. Environmentalists have stopped new border security control facilities. Environmentalists have stopped new public infrastructure such as roads, bridges, pipelines, transport hubs, power plants and power transmission facilities. Environmentalists have even stopped the research and commercialization of geneticallyenhanced crop seeds that require less polluting fertilizer, less water, less land and less time to grow the food grains essential for the human diet worldwide.

The US leads the world as the most efficient economy in gross domestic product GDP output per unit of energy consumed. The thirtyyears accumulation of environmental regulations have embedded ubiquitous environmental costs in every product, service and activity of your daily lives about 5% of US GDP. This 5% in GDP value is the equivalent of all US commitments in national defense and homeland security combined.

Charitable nonprofits are estimated to have US assets of about $700 billion untaxed assets. Econonprofits have become large and numer canda goose uk ous taxpayersubsidized lobbyists for environmentalism and government ecolaws. According to some of their IRS Form 990s, these green conglomerates routinely invest idle assets in offshore hedge funds and private equity. They regularly test their nonprofit status requirement to avoid partisan political propaganda campaigning. These big green groups grew from 2,000 to over 4,000 during the 1990s. According to The Chronicle of Philanthropy in 2007, econonprofits in the US received about $1.5 billion in untaxed revenues; and, chief executives of the Top 10 green nonprofits canda goose uk have annual salaries averaging $328,000. These nonprofits rely on individual, directmail contributors who number in the hundreds of thousands. More importantly and to gain green product marketing adv canda goose uk antages, perennial foundation donors and corporate sponsors have become the green elites primary sources of cash. The green nonprofits corporate benefactors are household names and common holdings in your retirement funds and personal portfolios. Some of their stock symbols are: AA, ABT, ADM, T, AXP, BAC, C, CAT, DOW, F, GE, GM, JCI, JPM, LMT, MER, MRO, MS, PFE, PG, PRU, TRV, TWX, V, WFC, WMT, WY and XOM.

If you want to stop the costly menace of econonprofits, stop investing in their corporate sponsors. If you correspondingly want the US Government to make American more prosperous and energy independent, call, write and email your elected officials to defund the econonprofit menace, and fund the technical institutions and venture capitalists that will provide necessary 21st Century global energy infrastructure. canda goose uk