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Published: Sunday 22 September, 2013

canadian goose on sale canadian goose on sale EPA chie canadian goose on sale f sidesteps Supreme Court ruling

WASHINGTON Responding to a US Supreme Court order, the Environmental Protection Agency said yesterday that the Clean Air Act was the wrong tool for addressing greenhouse gases because it would be too costly for the American public and that instead Congress should canadian goose on sale move forward with passing legislation to tackle the issue.

The high court had ordered the EPA more than a year ago to determine whether greenhouse gases were a danger to the public.

Instead, Stephen Johnson, EPA administrator, signed what he said was an unprecedented 1,000page document yesterday that included letters from numerous White House environmental and economic agencies detailing how such regulations could have a negative impact on major sectors of the economy.

One point is clear, Johnson said.

The document also includes a sharply revised version of a May draft by EPA staff members in which they concluded that as much as $2 trillion in savings to consumers at the gas pump could be achieved if greenhouse gas regulations were implemented.

That number was slashed to $830 billion, and the price of gas was calculated at $2 a gallon for the next 30 years. Jonathan Schradar, EPA pres canadian goose on sale s secretary, said that he did not know why the numbers had been changed but that an extensive review of the earlier draft had been performed by agency staff members.

Yesterdays announcement effectively eliminated any likelihood of the Bush administration regulating greenhouse gases.

In its document, the EPA made no finding on whether global warming poses a threat to peoples health or welfare, reversing an earlier conclusion at the insistence of the White House.

The White House earlier this week rejected the EPAs previous suggestion that the 1970 Clean Air Act can be both workable and effective for addressing global climate change.

White House press secretary Dana Perino said President Bush is committed to further reductions but there is a right way and a wrong way to deal with climate change.

The wrong way is to sharply increase gasoline prices, home heating bills, and the cost of energy for American businesses, she said. The right way, as the president has proposed, is to invest in new technologies. canadian goose on sale