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Published: Friday 23 August, 2013

canada goose womens jackets uk canada goose womens jackets uk Do greenhouse gasses make the world habitable

The Earth and the Moon receive the same amount of energy per square metre from the Sun, but the average temperature of the Moon about 35C. So its pretty obvious that the atmosphere of the Earth raises its temperature 50 or so degrees. I suppose you could argue about whether this is a greenhouse effect or not, but whatever the exact details its obviously due to the atmosphere.

Actually your friend might point out that defining an average temperature for the Moon is somewhat suspect when the surface temperature swings violently between day and night. The average Ive quoted is the temperature far enough below the surface to give a reasonably constant temperature, so strictly speaking you should compare it to the temperature about a metre below the Earths surface.

It is indisputable that greenhouse gases keep the world habitable, there can be no controversy about that. The term green house is disputed as a misnomer, but everybody agrees that it is a misnomer, and uses the term by convention. Real green houses work by prohibiting convection, whereas the atmospheric green house effect is a matter of heat retention through various atmospheric mechanisms, mainly by delaying the radiation of infrared energy back into space. Your friend might be talking about this as a disagreement.

The main greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is H2O water. due to the burning fossil fuels by humans increases it.

Here are the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere

There are two camps, the skeptics and the alarmists. The mainline climatologists, the ones who have the ear of the media and the politicians, support the proposition that the human contribution to CO2 will increase the temperature disproportionately by the end of the century, as does the UN with its IPCC reports, trying to control fossil fuels worldwide.

Physicists, when they look into it, also take sides as do most of scientifically inclined people. The media have been brainwashed into the carbon footprint and carbon tax mentality which the politicians love the more taxes the better.

Most skeptical scientists accept the contribution of CO2 to the green house effect. They do not accept that th canada goose womens jackets uk e feedback mechanism used in the General Circulation Models which predict an alarming warming is correct. There are plenty of data that falsify the alarming predictions of these models and this is what your friend must be talking about.

Here is a plot of predictions of the GCM models for the average world temperature anomaly, and here are the data GISS, and RSS.

If you classifying climate scientists, I would suggest that you forgot a category. While the majority of them have endorsed the IPCC consensus that predicts a large but steady increase, there is other camps think that runaway effects are possible in the next 100 years canada goose womens jackets uk , making the IPCC scenarios look downright pleasant. The consensus is hardly alarmist, possibly evidenced by the fact that even politicians who believe it are not sufficiently alarmed to do something about it. AlanSE Nov 21 12 at 15:42 canada goose womens jackets uk