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Published: Wednesday 07 August, 2013

balenciaga twiggy bag balenciaga twiggy bag faces challenges trying to charge Edward Snowden

WASHINGTON Experts said the Justice Department faces challenges in bringing criminal charges against selfproclaimed leaker Edward Snowden but probably was moving as quickly as possible to take the 29yearold former National Security Agency contractor into custody before he spills additional intelligence secrets.

a walking treasure trove, potentially, of additional leaks of classified information, said David Laufman, a Washington lawyer who has previously prosecuted national security cases. have reasons to be concerned about him walking around with the ability to disclose more information. Department officials have said they are preparing criminal charges against Snowden, who is in hiding in Hong Kong after disclosing details of NSA surveillance programs to the news media, but no charges have been formally announced.

who think I made a mistake in picking Hong Kong as a location misunderstand my intentions, he was quoted as saying. am not here to hide from justice. I am here to reveal criminality. now, federal investigators probably have executed search warrants to gather computers and digital devices Snowden could have used to access classified information from the NSA, copied his hard drives, searched his workplace and residences, and captured socalled digital footprints to see what materials he viewed and downloaded, experts said.

But because Snowden may be charged with improper disclosure of classified materials, the charges could include information that itself is classified. There are limits on how that can be publicly disclosed in court, which could delay the filing of charges, experts said.

approval process of charges of this kind are more involved than other kinds of crimes, said Jason Weinstein, a former deputy assistant attorney general and a partner in the law firm of Steptoe and Johnson. is a lot of consideration given to what portion of the evidence can be used in the courtroom. That makes the process longer. The investigation is probably at a very early stage. efforts to repatriate him.

But extraditing Snowden isn clearcut, either.

The United States and Hong Kong, a selfruled part of China, signed a bilateral extraditi balenciaga twiggy bag on treaty that took effect in 1998, a year after Britain handed over control of its former colony. Under t balenciaga twiggy bag he treaty, espionage or disclosing classified information aren extraditable offenses.

The treaty allows extradition for vaguely defined crimes. surveillance programs. extradition treaties, is probably advising prosecutors on what charges wo balenciaga twiggy bag uld be recognized as valid under the treaty.

their job to figure out what charge is most likely to be favorably recognized by the court in Hong Kong, Weinstein said.

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The challenge to the criminals of government to prosecute him lies with the JURY system.

They can make all the accusations they want through their puppet prosecutors. but he JURY decides if he is released or jailed. :

And the SF Chronicle online published a public opinion poll two days ago that showed 49% of the respondents calling him a patriot while only 29% called him a traitor.

In a JURY trial, that 49% will refuse to convict.

Because, clearly, the government and its puppet prosecutor are untrustworthy in every thing they do and say.

He will be declared NOT GUILTY as he should be.

And the criminals who are spying on us. will escape into the shadows. without being held accountableUS Sen Barbara Boxer and US Sen Dianne Feinstein BOTH voted in favor of the spying program. Call their offices and let them know how you feel about their criminal conduct. balenciaga twiggy bag