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Published: Saturday 27 July, 2013

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Hay! My name is Ya Cha Lo ore you can call me Yalo. I am 36 years old but you might thing that i am younger. I have lived in since i was born in 1970 and i am now imigraiting to America. I love to work with food and i own a sushi resturant where i also is the head chef. I lost my family in a tzunami when we were in Thailand. My dad, mom, sister and my boyfriend died but i survived. We were in Thailand because my sister was going to play Ping Pong, she was a professional. i like black men and i know that there are many in America. I dont like the Americans diet, and i want to help them eat more fish. i am against fast food and food with too much fat. My personal opinion is that people need to eat more fish. I am a fish lover! dont eat meat and fat, eat fish and vegetables!

Why let me inn?

I think you should let me inn because i dont have a criminal record, i pay my bills and taxes, i have a education as a chef. I am not coming to America because of war, i am immigrating because i need to start a new life and i want to teach Americans to eat more fish. I am not poor and i would not need any suport from the government. America would not loos anything if they let me inn, maby they would earn something. I am a good speaker and chef, that means that i can make Americans eat better food. You might think that only one sushi chef cant help, but one chef can start many resturants when he ore she make enough money. That means that one chef can do much. Let me inn America! Let me help you!My is to become a high rated chef that owns many resturant all over the USA. It is not important to be rich that would only be the bonus. I want the Americans to loos some weight and get a more healthy body. But i cant say that i dont want to be rich, that is sometjing wholesale handbags michael kors every one wants. I am going to be rich if the dreame about resturants all over America become true. i can see my life in front of me. i am drivng a red ferarri and there are no fat people left in America. it would be the best place in the world. my first goal when i come to America is to open one resturant and hopefully have 35 resturants after one year. He is working to provide a safe and god life for his children and wife. He has also been in the army and mabye been serving his country. A typical American family is going to church every sunday. The moste American i can think of is thanks giving. i can see it in front of me, the whole family sitting and eating turkey. but this is the good side of America. We have the getto too. the black Americans living in cheap houses and dont earn much money. There is crime and itis not a good invironment for the children and many of the children that get raised in the getto ends up in prison. The last thing that i have to talk about is Los Angeles. I am a Buddhist and i have a very strong belive. Buddhism is mabye the biggest religon in . is also the country with the highest birth rate, and that is starting to become a problem. In china you only get money suport for one child, because the government are trying to slow the birth rate. is also the country that is releaseing moste greenhouse gases up in the air. Many people think that is the country to blame for global warming. is also the home of sushi and almoste every Chinese man or woman has eaten shushi, but this is not the only tradision. every man with respect for himself has written a Haiku poem. Many thousands of settlers had already reached Kentucky and Tennessee and adjacent areas. Some areas such as the Virginia and Connecticut, were used by the states as rewards to veterans of the war. How to form wholesale handbags michael kors ally include these new frontier areas into the nation was an important issue in the Continental Congress of the 1780s and was partly resolved by the Northwest. The Southwest Territory saw a similar pattern of settlement pressure.

Louisiana Purchase, Oregon Country, and Mexican Cession attracted hundreds of thousands of settlers. The question of whether the Kansas frontier would become slave or free was a spark of the American Civil War. In general before 1860 Northern Democrats promoted easy land ownership and Whigs and Southern Democrats resisted. The Southerners resisted it because it supported the growth of a free farmer population that might oppose slavery.

When the Republican party came to power in 1860 they promoted a free land policy. Coupled with railroad land grants that opened cheap but not free lands for settlers. In 1890 the frontier line had broken up.

The American frontier was generally the most Western edge of settlement and typically more free spirited in nature than the East because of its lack of social and political institutions. The idea that the frontier provided the core defining quality of the United States was elaborated. He was born in 1899 and took his own life in 1961. He was actualy dead in 1954 after a airplane crashed, but only a few people knew that he lived on Cuba 10 years after the chrash. this 10 years were hard for him and after much alcohol and depression he killed himself. He was the second oldest child in the siblings of 6. his father wantet him to be a man so he took him fishing, hunting and other manly things. But was not inn to this things. He wanted to be a journalist. he worked as an journalist before WW1 and when WW1 started he served as an ambulansedriver. He got hurt in Italy and returned to America and he became an journalist for an Canadian newspaper.

I think this is a very good poem because it tells us about slavery wich is tuching peoples harts. i think that he is writing about the slaves that came from Africa to America. They did not get much food and water and that is mabye the reason that he is sayin that they were tired. The slaves had no rights and they were bossed around all day, and if they refused to do what they were told they got hurt or killed.

To live To live deliberately

There is many ways to liv deliberately and everyone has to find their own way. I think that every one is living a deliberately life and that nobody can tell you that you are not. But what someone can tell you is how you shood live deliberately. For example if i am a criminal and every thing i do is well planed and i have an attention with what i am doing. I know that the tings i am doing is bad, but i am still living a deliberately life! Because i am awere of what i am doing but that is the way i am living my life. But someone shood tell me that this is wrong and help me live deliber wholesale handbags michael kors ately the right way. I say that you have to find you own way, but let you friends ore family find you way and that would might help you. I think that every one of you are living deliberately. I might be wrong, but i think that everyone shood live deliberately. There is many godd reason to live deliberately, and the biggest reson is this. It is easyer to make own desitons in life. I am not talking about witch bread you are going to buy, but something more important. The whole thing that is forming who you are is your decitions. if you and you friends meet a bigger and stronger grup of people and they are starting to fight against you. all your friends are staying and got beat up, you are running for you life and let your friends down. This is a decition that many would think is wrong and many would think that his friends was wrong because they stays and fights. This is a decition that is forming who you want to be. I would choose to stay and back up my friends, i might get beatn up put i took some punshes that they would get if i ran. Living deliberately is moste about being awere of the consequences of what you are doing, i am just helping you understan how importan this is

and i hope that you will live a deliberately life and that you are going to be happy aboute the choises that you are making. Tive life with no reegrets and that is going to let you die happy! wholesale handbags michael kors

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