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Published: Thursday 18 July, 2013

tote bag longchamp tote bag longchamp GCHQ spied on foreign politicians

GCHQ Britains electronic eavesdropping agency mounted an intensive spying operation on foreign politicians attending two G20 summit meetings in London in 2009, it has been reported.

The Guardian said leaked documents show that delegates had their computers monitored and phones intercepted on the orders of the British Government. The intelligence agencies were even said to have set up internet cafes specifically to enable them to read the emails of those taking part in the summit.

The paper said that the documents suggested the operation was sanctioned at a senior level in the government of then prime minister G tote bag longchamp ordon Brown an tote bag longchamp d that the intelligence obtained was passed to ministers.

The disclosure is potentially embarrassing for Prime Minister David Cameron as he prepares to welcome leaders to the G8 summit at Lough Erne in Northern Ireland.

The Guardian said the details were contained in documents obtained by Edward Snowden, the US National Security Agency NSA whistleblower responsible for a string of disclosure tote bag longchamp s about US intelligence operations.

During the course of the two summits in April and September 2009, GCHQ allegedly deployed what one document said were groundbreaking intelligence capabilities to monitor the communications of the visiting delegation.

They were said to have enabled a team of 45 analysts to be provided with live roundtheclock summaries of who was phoning whom during the proceeding. The methods used allegedly included penetrating security of delegates BlackBerrys in order to monitor their emails and phone calls.

British intelligence also received reports relating to an NSA attempt to listen in on the phone calls of the Russian leader Dmitri Medvedev as they passed through the satellite links to Moscow, according to the report. tote bag longchamp