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Published: Wednesday 07 August, 2013

shop online for shoes shop online for shoes Are greenhouse gases man

A very small portion are made by man. The total produced by humans is under .3% in total. Eve shop online for shoes n when you ignore water vapor, which is the most common greenhouse gas, the percentage is still under 6%. The major gas humans do produce that is blamed by some for the recent warming is carbon dioxide. Mam produces about 3% of this gas.

Another Answer Man can not add to the atmospheric concentration of water vapour, the most abundant greenhouse gas, because any additional water vapour simply precipates, returning the water vapour level to its earlier equilibrium. Thus the current atmospheric level of water vapour is not manmade. Carbon dioxide, the next most abundant greenhouse gas also occurs naturally. Before human activities, such as burning fossil fuels, began adding shop online for shoes to the atmospheric concentrati shop online for shoes on of this gas, its longterm level was in the range 260 to 280 parts per million ppm in the atmosphere. The increase to the present level of 380 parts per million is actually an increase of 35 per cent, and most climate scientists say that this is substantially due to human activities, in other words manmade. shop online for shoes