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Published: Friday 06 September, 2013

shop online clothing shop online clothing Edward Snowden Flees To Russia

Edwards Snowden is on the run.

The Hong Kong government announced that it had allowed the former National Security Agency contractor to depart its territory, The New York Times reports. Snowden, 29, has acknowledged disclosing shop online clothing classified documents about United States government surveillance of internet and telephone communications around the wor shop online clothing ld. He has as been charged with espionage, theft and conversion of government property

Snowden flew to Moscow on a oneway ticket, though its unclear if Russia is his final destination. An Aeroflot flight from Hong Kong carrying Snowden landed at Sheremetyevo International Airport in Russia on Sunday. Snowden left Hong Kong on his own accord for a third country, the government in Hong Kong said Sunday afternoon.

Snowdens final destination was unclear. Russian news agency Interfax and Radio Ekho Moskvy reported that Snowden was booked on a flight to Cuba and then from Havana to Caracas, Venezuela. The next Aeroflot flight to Havana leaves Monday. Ecuador and Iceland have also been mentioned as possibilities.

Snowden is being aided in his travel by WikiLeaks, the antisecrecy organization that published hundreds of thousands of classified documents. EDT that Snowden was currently over Russian airspace accompanied by WikiLeaks legal advisors. The organization later said Snowden was accompanied on his flight to Moscow by Sarah Harrison, who the organization said is a UK citizen, journalist and legal researcher working with the WikiLeaks legal defense team.

Hes not a whistleblower. Hes not a freedom loving patriot. Hes a treasonous dog. He lied to get the job. He had it less than 4 weeks. He downloaded what he could on a flash drive and flew to CHINA and sold the story to a newspaper. He outed british intellligence, how is that patriotic, hes not british. That just sold well to the british magazine he was being paid by for his story. If hes such a freedom lover why China? Now hes in Russia, the land of personal freedoms and liberty? Where your privacy is paramount and government whistleblowers who run to the press are treated so well? Hes a famewhore and a traitor whos 15 minutes of fame should end with the smell of gunpowder lingering in the air and the splatter of brains littering the ground. the reality of their situations as opposed to those who came before is quite different. even clinton who had the internet didnt have the monster it is now to deal with. so were there less coverups in the past or is it just easier now for them to be brought to light? are the people who share this information heroes or are the people who do this in it for their own personal glory and recognition. I think Snowden is most likely the famewhore. He lied to get a job he didnt hold for a week. That doesnt speak well to his character or his motivation. Much like Manning who was bragging shop online clothing he was going to cause Hillary a big headache when he did what he did. That sounded less like a freedom fighting patriot and more like an immature brat throwing a hissy fit and not giving a damn about the collateral damage that might result as a consequence of his actions. Just about every country on the planet has spies in this country and every Muslim alive wants us dead and has no problem setting off bombs that kill innocent people. This turd Snowden violated an oath, he turned over classified information to our enemies, he is a trader, a criminal, and he needs to be shot. I dont know what you all are thinking here, but Russia, China, N. Korea, Cuba, Iran and more does a whole hell of a lot more listening to your phone conversations than the US government does, and you guys think Snowden is a hero? He just made it even easier for your rights to be stomped on. The fact that the Patriot Act was never been a secret from its conception and that emails and phone calls were being scanned for terrorist activity was a brain child of the Bush administration shows just how ignorant all you Snowden supporters really are, in fact I find you just as much of a trader as Snowden, you all call yourselves patriots, what a joke, you all have no idea what the word stands for.

it disgusts me to see those on the right portraying this guy as anything other than a traitor. He tells the Chinese details of US intelligence gathering in their country and is now fleeing to Russia. The cretins on the right applaud this.

The time has come for main stream America to ask which side is the right on. First they boycotted American made cars from GM. Many of them signed petitions to seceede from the union. They applaud traitors and support the right of terrorists to purchase guns with having to go through background checks. How thoroughly unAmerican. shop online clothing