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Published: Monday 02 September, 2013

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Two studies in Wednesdays issue of the journal Nature lin outlet fashion k heavy rains to increases in greenhouse gases more than ever before.One group of researchers looked at the strongest rain and snow events of each year from 1951 to 1999 in the Northern Hemisphere and found that the more recent storms were 7 percent wetter. That may not sound like much, but it adds up to a substantial increase, said the report from a team of researchers from Canad outlet fashion a and Scotland.The study didnt single out specific storms but examined worstofeachyear events all over the Northern Hemisphere. While the study ended in 1999, the close of the decade when scientists say climate change kicked into a higher gear, the events examined were similar to more recent disasters: deluges that triggered last years deadly floods in Pakistan and in Nashville, Tenn., and this winters paralyzing blizzards in parts of the United States.The change in severity was most apparent in North America, but that could be because thats where the most rain gauges are, scientists said.Both studies should weaken the argument that climate change is a victimless crime, said Myles Allen of the University of Oxford. Extreme weather is what actually hurts people.Jonathan Overpeck, a University of Arizona climate scientist, who didnt take part in either study, praised them as sensible and particularly relevant given the array of extreme weather that weve seen this winter and stretching back over the last few years.For years scientists, relying on basic physics and climate knowledge, have said global warming would likely cause extremes in temperatures and rainfall. But this is the first time researchers have been able to point to a demonstrable causeandeffect by using the rigorous and scientifically accepted method of looking for the fingerprints of humancaused climate change.The scientists took all the information that shows an increase in extreme rain and snow events from the 1950s through the 1990s and ran dozens of computer models numerous times. They put in the effects of greenhouse gases which come from the burning of fossil fuels and then ran numerous models without those factors.Only outlet fashion when the greenhouse gases are factored in do the models show a similar increase to what actually happened. All other natural effects alone dont produce the jump in extreme rainfall. Essentially, the computer runs show climate change is the only way to explain whats happening.Most of the 10 outside climate experts who reviewed the papers for The Associated Press called the research sound and strong.However, climate scientist Jerry North of Texas A University, while praising the work, said he worried that the studies were making too firm a connection based on weather data that could be poor in some locations. outlet fashion