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Published: Tuesday 16 July, 2013

mk bags cheap mk bags cheap AP English Language

Monday 9/3/12 Complete an essay using the mini test from class. You should also complete the reading assigned last week.

Tuesday 9/4/12 Read and outline for using Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. Print if you have a printer at home, otherwise takes responsive notes accordingly.

Wednesday 9/5/12 Prepare Fridays argument. You will each be provided with 58 minutes of class time in which to sway your peers toward an unfavorable topic.

Friday Read and respond. Read The Second Treatise on Government and complete this worksheet . All will be due on Monday. This course requires intensive reading of prose written in a variety of periods, on a variety of subjects and extensive writing for a variety of purposes. Though the course does include a few works of fiction, nonfiction narrative journalism, speeches, essays, memoirs, creative nonfiction will be our primary focus. Our writing assignments range from informal, reflective journals to formal, critical papers that emphasize analysis and argumentation.

Due Date: Because of the intense nature of the course, it is essential that you begin utilizing critical reading, thinking and writing skills prior to the first class meeting. Please read carefully the instructions for all three parts of this assignment; all parts of this assignment are due on the first day of class. Be prepared to share your work in class discussions and small groups.

Format: All portions of the summer assignments need to be formatted according to MLA guidelines. If you are unfamiliar with MLA format, please consult a style guide or visit the following website: Online Writing Lab

Integrity: Academic integrity is essential. All coursework should be completed by the individual , without outside assistan mk bags cheap ce from study aids or peers. Please feel free to contact me during the summer if you have any questions over the assignments.

Marriage rulings hailed as victoryThe Supreme Court on Wednesday delivered mixed rulings that will extend many federal benefits to gay and lesbian couples married in states where its legal but leave the broader issue of samesex marriage rights nationwide for another day.

GOPer dismisses Senate billWhile the Senate is poised to pass sweeping immigration reform Thursday afternoon, top Republicans in the House are calling the Senate bill a nonstarter.

Boehner: House not going to take up Senate immigration billWhile the Senate is poised to pass sweeping immigration reform Thursday afternoon, top Republicans in the House are calling the Senate bill a nonstarter.

Did high court make history or not?The high co mk bags cheap urt threw out a mk bags cheap law banning the federal government from recognizing samesex marriages.

Obama wont wheel and deal for SnowdenWhile saying he is enormously concerned about what secrets selfavowed NSA leaker Edward Snowden may yet spill, President Barack Obama said Thursday hes not going to take extraordinary measures to capture him.

Werfel: No evidence liberals scrutinized like tea partyThe acting head of the Internal Revenue Service returns to Capitol Hill on Thursday to face questions from congressional Republicans dissatisfied with his ongoing investigation of the agencys targeting of groups seeking a tax break.

We need a new Voting Rights ActDonna Brazile says President Obama must convince a polarized Congress to save the Voting Rights Act by fixing it.

GOP and samesex marriage: Its complicatedRepublican tacticians understand that winning modern races often means surviving the obstacle course of a conservativedominated primary before having to appeal to general election voters who, nationally, view samesex marriage as a nonissue.

Stevens father: Carry on his good workChris Stevens died doing what he loved building bridges between Americans and the Middle East and North Africa mk bags cheap