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Published: Wednesday 28 August, 2013

michaels kors outlet stores michaels kors outlet stores A lot of concern has been michaels kors outlet stores raised in recent years over the Hole in the Ozone layer and its effect on global warming

The Ozone layer hole is not related to the Greenhouse effect. The former is mainly due to the presence of CFCs in the stratosphere, whereas the latter is due to the prescence of socalled greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These greenhouse gases include molecules such as carbon dioxide, oxides of nitrogen and funnily enough, ozone. Whilst ozone is very important to have in the str michaels kors outlet stores atosphere, it is very nasty when present in the troposphere where it causes damage to both plants and animals alike, contibutes to the greenhouse effect and is a vital ingredient in the processes that make up a photochmical smog.Ozone is also very difficult to make and as a gas would be hard to contain. Leakages would be frequent, adding to the problem. A far better solution would be to ensure that CFC usage is COMPLETELY discontinued, along with any other gases that contribute to ozone depletion in the stratosphere.Another interesting point is that there is a difference between the greenhouse effect and the runaway greenhouse effect. The reason that the earth so much warmer than the moon is because o michaels kors outlet stores f the greenhouse effect, this is a GOOD thing, Im sure youll agree. The apparent increase in temperature that some scientists attribute to increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmostphere is due to a runaway greenhouse effect. michaels kors outlet stores