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Published: Saturday 10 August, 2013

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In the Washington metropolitan area, discrimination against commuters is widespread. Consider Metrorail. Why are fares higher during peak hours? The only possible explanation is that at those times Metro has a captive ridership for whom access to the workplace is essential. Many journeys taken at other times dont involve that level of necessity. As a former Londoner, I can report that in that citys Underground, fares are the same at all times, as in fairness they should be. Here, a commuter can pay much more to stand in crowded car than someone else traveling at another time pays for a seat.

Car commuters face another type of discrimination. This comes in the form of numerous no entry and no left turn signs intended to keep them out of residential areas. What law enforcement terms cutting through really is just taking a short cut. Whats wrong with that? Doing so enables drivers to spend less time on the road, thereby saving them time and producing less greenhouse gases. The more streets we close to commuters, the more congested are those we let them use. Residents may say that they michaels kors factory store dont want commuters on their streets, but they need to understand that the streets dont belong to them. They belong to everybody except, apparently, commuters.

When the intercounty connector opens in Maryland, it will be a toll road, and the plan involves different toll prices at different times of day. Guess who will be victimized most by the intended toll structure?

Commuting is an inescapable part of the lifestyle of most working people. For many, it is an ordeal, being stuck in traffic or standing in a Metrorail car michaels kors factory store five days a week. We shouldnt be adding insult to injury.

Before writing an article, do a little reasearch. Metro is currently facing an enormous shortfall and must try to scrape together funding from Virginia, Maryland, DC and the federal government. Your precious tube probalby does not face the patchwork funding that Metro does. Furthermore, all of those oppressed commuters choose to enter the District and work, removing their pay and spending it in other localities and not paying any property taxes.

Finally, do you even a drive a car? No left turns signs keep traffic flowing. Have you ever sat behind an idiot trying to make an illegal left turn during rush hour? They jam an entire lane, create dangerous conditions when people have to switch lanes when stuck behind them or try and race through the intersection to beat oncoming traffic. The crosswalks are synched with the idea of no left turns and protect pedestrians from idiots trying to make a left turn.

Anyone who has picked up the Post or worked for anytime in this area knows all of this. We all know it sucks, but what we are we going to dounderfund Metro more, create havoc during rush hour and all of that. Limited resources and too much demand. Get used to it. Prices should be higher at rushhour, responding to supply and demand. Only with those high prices can Metro encourage people who dont need to travel at peak times to leave room for communters. If you got rid of the price differential, you would have more crowded trains, and fewer trains at peak times. Of course, we could just go with your suggestion to institute to the London tubes pricing system and c michaels kors factory store harge everyone $6 4 pounds for each trip. Furthermore, we are moving toward a world of greater price discrimination precisely because it is more efficient. Prime example, peak pricing for electricity use, variable price toll lanes. Cripes, we have a country addicted to EBay, with the ultimate price discrimination as prices are set bilaterally betweeen buyers and sellers. michaels kors factory store